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Results, results. yay!!!
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Tomorrow getting results from my December PET SCAN. d*** I cant wait to know what's going to happen next. Cancer or No Cancer.

Friday is a what's happening with my esophagus. EoE or something else. Food intake is not getting any better. Covid is Gone and done with. It was awful but i survived.

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@JoeG best of luck tomorrow with the results. Let us know what you find out. Are you getting an endoscopy? I'm glad covid is done with for you at least! Be in touch with us tomorrow!

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good luck today.

I am sending all my good vibes that the results you receive are good ones.


#resultsday #scanxiety

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…thinking of you today, and hoping for the best results possible!💪👏🎉.

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@JoeG thinking of you today. Sending good vibes your way.

Hello @JoeG - checking in to see how things went yesterday. Happy to hear Covid is behind you.

Thinking of you.


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@Lianne_Moderator Yes Covid is behind me finally. And There was no traces of cancer. WOOP WOOP!!

@JoeG woop woop indeed! So happy to hear that!

Have a great weekend


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