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What goes down ......
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In this case what goes down must come up ! My Sweet Baboo and I love doing things together and have very recently taken up painting. We had our 2nd self taught session this afternoon and we had some laughs and a really fun time 🤣

Why am I painting a white canvass white ??

The end !
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@Dave58 What a lovely painting…..and that you do this hobby together, is simply like the paint meeting the canvas!



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That is beautiful @Dave58 !thsnk you for sharing!

@Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt @Dave58 that’s fantastic! Steven does art therapy for himself too! He finish this painting for me on Christmas morning. It’s from a photo of blue bells he captured in the springtime. I hope yours bring the two of you as much joy as this brings me!

Cynthia Mac
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Dave58‍ You and your sweet Baboo are just so inspirational!
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Look at you bravo with partner together up and doing this !

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@Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt

…you never cease to amaze me! What an inspiration you are!

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@Dave58 and @Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt That is awesome to see here that you two are able to do this painting together! Dave, by the looks of that painting, you must live near the mountains? Your smile really says it all!

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