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Dealing with everything + Covid
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Hello, tough subject today. I've been in remission for the past 6 months and just recently, on Dec 13th I've went through covid. Never ever did i think for one second that I could actually get this. I've been careful and have been using every mesures possible. I'm doing ok now but it was one hell of a ride and scared myself a couple times but all was ok. What i'm really wondering is anybody of you have had a covid vaccine ??? if so how did it go, asking here before i ask my doctors. I'm thinking of getting it because i dont want to go through this again.

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Runner Girl
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Hi @JoeG

I have had 3 covid vaccines. All Pfizer. No side effects other than a sore arm from the injection.

Runner Girl

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Hi @JoeG so sorry you had covid!!!!!!I had 2 shots, pzier first then moderna. I was fine with pzier, but moderna knocked me on my butt! I'm looking into getting shot #3 but going to only go if I can be sure to get pzier!!!!hope youre feeling better!!!!

Runner Girl
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Moderna has a 100% dose of the medication, Pfizer has only 30% - they went with the lowest dose that is effective so that there are less side effects. This would be why you had more of a reaction with Moderna.

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yes I've heard that @Runner Girl , that's why I'm in no rush to do Moderna again. I heard on the news that they are giving Pfzier to 35 and under and Moderna to older than 35 so I'm going to wait a bit until they get more supply of pfzier to make my appointment!!

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@Brighty it may be a long time before you can get a Pfizer vaccine. Pfizer is the only vaccine approved for the under 18 age group so they are reserving for them. My husband got his Moderna booster and had no side effects except a sore arm. You may want to check to see if the booster is a smaller dose from the first two shots. I know I got a full dose for my third because I am immunocompromised.

I just did a search and it looks like booster is half dose but you should verify.

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@JustJan ..thanks for letting me know!!!!if it's not as heavy a dose I suppose I could suck it up and get moderna. But boy that last shot knocked the crap out of me!!! I couldnt even stand upright long enough to brush my teeth or shower. .

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@Brighty I hear you, it knocked me on my butt too. I had a full Moderna and the flu shot the same day. It wasn’t as bad as my second dose.

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Hi @JoeG My husband who has colorectal cancer has had 3 shots of Pfizer and I've had 2 shots. Mine were pfizer and moderna. Neither of us had any side effects for any of them. I get my third later this month.

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@JoeG, I am glad to read you have been in remission for six months, and also recovered from COVID in December.

I had three Pfizer vaccines and they were uneventful. My third was in late October or early November. Depending on where you are in Canada, you may not get Pfizer now.

I know people who had side effects after Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and others who had none. I hope you are one of the people with no side effects. (Edited to add: Based on the people I know who had COVID, I’m guessing any vaccine side effects will probably be easier than what you just experienced with COVID.)

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, JoeG‍ - I’m like Runner Girl‍ - I’m Pfully Pfizered! - 3 shots now. I have a very strong aversion to needles (even teared up with shot # 3 - you’d think I’d be used to this by now), and also suffered only a sore arm for a day or two.

I would ask my doctors To.Day.

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Brighty‍ I had Moderna for the 1st 2 shots, the 2nd one had me on the couch for a day, doing nothing. The booster, also Moderna, was only a 1/2 dose, and I had a sore arm for a few days, but nothing more. I'm glad to be as protected as possible against this insidious virus!
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@Cedar i decided to suck it up and go. There was a cancellation for tomorrow so I grabbed it.

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I've had 3 shots…1st was AstraZeneca, next 2 were Pfizer. Last shot received mid-October. The AstraZeneca knocked me down with a fever, bad headache and muscle aches. I had no side effects from Pfizer. I'm very glad that I got them, even though we are careful, I am immune-compromised and have kids in school/daycare….well…I did…(shutdown again 😣)

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Hi @JoeG

Welcome , glad to hear you are in remission and have gotten past your Covid positive.

I also had covid in 2020 and family was so surprised as I was extremely careful. Public heath and I could only narrow dow to 2 ways I contracted it as I was diligent at wearing a mask outside of my apartment. Either I contracted it through my mask from someone in my hallways not wearing a mask or my husband contracted it while in hospital getting his emergency chemo. (No masks were worn in the rooms by patients at that time and no masks where worn by patients sitting in chemo chairs) by the time I tested positive and they retested him (he was tested negative when he was to be discharged from hospital) 4 plus weeks had passed and he was negative. He then had to be tested every 3 weeks prior to his next chemo to go ahead.

He has had his 3rd dose last August, I have had my third dose in December.

I joined a study run by Sick Kids in Toronto and test results had shown my antibodies 7 months after infection were almost all gone.

Good luck but do get your vaccination


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Hi Joe, so glad to know you are over Covid…how scary!

I've had 2 jabs plus the booster…no side effects at all, not even a sore arm!

Take care…Hugs!

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I’ve had 3 Covid vaccines.All Moderna. No side effects other than a sore arm from the booster injection.


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In Ontario if you are a Cancer patient you are eligible for a 4th dose. My husband is having his tomorrow but you need a letter from your oncologist.

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