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Update with oncologist
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We just got off a phone meeting with the oncologist and here's what we know : I have 50 ( I know right ? ) tumors in my right lung and my liver has pretty much been taken over. I have no new tumors on my brain but they have grown / swelled which is pushing harder on the nerve to my voice. All the cancer is growing very fast.

Now here's something else I know. My appetite is back and I'm able to eat again ! I feel great in the strength department. And even if he told me not to waste time but get the important stuff done, oh nay nay ! Everything important to me is God and my Sweet Baboo. Doc is unaware that I have an ace up my sleeve and that's God.

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@Dave58 you never cease to amaze me….no matter what news you receive, you still focus on the positive, and your beliefs. Im so glad your appetite is back…keep up your positivity and your beliefs…nonone can take those from you. Everyone on the site is rooting for you Dave!!!!!

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I love reading your upbeat posts @Dave58, thank you for everything you contribute here, it helps so much. I wish both you and @Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt a gentle New Year.

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whewf! that's a phone call and a half!! all I can say is: *fudge* cancer!!!!

thank you, as always, for sharing these chapters of your story with us all. your generosity is simply amazing, and knowing that you consider us all ‘the important stuff’ at this time is overwhelming.

the ace up your sleeve and the love you get from your sweetie pie, @Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt , totally trumps my #pizzagintherapy. ha ha

you are blessed in so many ways.


#cancerconnectioncommunity #wearefamily #aceupyoursleeve #fudgecancer

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@Dave58 Well perhaps then: Double Chocolate Cocoa Icing Cake is in order! Large Slice for you! With Sprinkles!

You Hold On To Your Ace!

Sending best wishes to you & @Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt (keep his antics to a minimum!)


#have your cake & eat it too

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Yeah way to go @Dave58 thats means prayers answered . Just Pink Flamingo 🦩 it from here on . You will soon be taking off like the snow birds or Flamingos 🦩 flamingos🦩

@Dave58 please know that you and your Darling bride are in my prayers! Enjoy all the food (pizza, ice cream and chocolate cake come to mind), the wonderful company, sunshine, blue skies and the calm knowing He is watching over you. Thanks so much for sharing your zest for life and unfailing faith are bringing me and many others much solace 💛

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Happy New Year.

That is great your appetite is back.

I am sorry to read your update is not so good.

Your positivity is inspiring.

Thank you for sharing.


Cynthia Mac
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Dave58‍ , I rather suspect that you already have the “important stuff” in order. Still, I’m sorry to hear that that time is here.

I, too, am glad to hear your appetite is back, and hope you have many, many fabulous meals!
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@NickytheCanuck Thanks, but it's only by the loving grace of God that I'm able to function at all. I praise God for all of the blessings He has give us over the years.

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@Dave58 I hope you enjoy everything you love to eat, the company of your lovely wife, and doing what you live and love to do every day. Your faith in God will keep you.
Thank you for all your encouragement and support here to everyone! We support you right back!

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@Dave58 @Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt

I saw this and immediately thought of you. Your posts are SO important, courageous and really, really helpful. You speak freely of the things many would not - it helps us all. Thank you.

Your posts speak of the different ways we live and die - physically, emotionally, spiritually….For all there is a time when our bodies will die, yet our legacy will live on in the hearts of our loved ones and spiritually in the ways we believe .

A doctor can call and tell us the change in our cancer, this does not change in the love of our community. Thank you.

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