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Just got back from the oxygen test at the hospital and actually thought I would beat it. It's DEFINITELY not a milestone I wanted to reach.

Well, I reached it. I know there are so many more of you that are in much worse shape than I am, but the human side came out in me. I'm a bit depressed with this outcome I admit. But not depressed enough to give up on my faith, helping others. I'll quickly get over this. I have my Sweet Baboo and Buddy who always loves “ come see me time ” when he gets to snuggle and a good belly rub. And of course I have ALL of you too and I'm grateful for each one of you !

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I'm so sorry @Dave58 . Yes, you ate just human and it's ok to feel those human emotions. I like your strong will and fighter attitude!!! Yes you have sweet baboo , your doggie, and all of us here on the site. And your still have your spirit, your sense of humour, your kind heart, and strong will. No one , especially not cancer, can take these thing away from you.

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@Dave58 Hi Dave……So…..one step backwards; BUT two steps forward!

Leap On Dave ! We all go forward….together…….

Yup….some days are more challenging than others…..we must carry on…..

Give your wife a kiss, and your doggie a belly rub (Or…..visa versa??? lol)



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@Dave58 I’m sorry you’re test didn’t go as you had hoped. You have been hit with a lot in the last couple of months so go ahead and vent, be disappointed, heck even be mad. We will support you through it all.

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Hi there,

I think there is no normal response. For me when I get these type of results it reminds me I have a serious cancer and brings back some of my darker thoughts.

Your family sounds lovely. Squeeze them extra. And 2cm!


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I'm never sure what to say as I'm not in your shoes, but I am sorry that you didn't get the news you hoped for @Dave58 and @Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt . When the thoughts of this news gets too tough, concentrate on TODAY. Get your camera out?

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@Brighty @Whitelilies @JustJan @Boby1511 @Sadie12 Thanks for all the support. The guy just left about an hour ago and set me up with a Concentrator so I can fill the two tanks he left. And that's right, it does bring the dark reality of having cancer back and slap you upside the head. Sadie, NEVER be unsure of what to say in any situation. Most people actually want to talk about what's going on, even if it's a death. Ask about the person that died instead of sorry for your loss. Thanks again for just reading my post and offering your honest support 🤪

@Dave58 so sorry to hear about your test. Knowing your love of fur babies I thought I would share our Sadie’s first birthday pic to bring you a smile. She was thrilled (not) 💛

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@NickytheCanuck L O L cute !

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