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Freaking Out
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My hysterectomy is Tuesday to remove my stage 1 endometrial cancer. I was diagnosed in August. But I have cold symptoms. I already had my COVID test, but I'm terrified they'll postpone surgery until the symptoms subside. It's just a stuffy nose. But what if the cancer spreads while I wait for a new surgery date? We already have to drive 12 hours just to get to the hospital providing the surgery. I'm so scared we're going to drive 12 hours just to be told I have to wait.

Has anyone else been through this? I haven't slept in days from anxiety.
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@seddah I am sorry you have cold symptoms but as far as I know runny nose and nasal congestion were removed from Covid symptoms long time ago. As for now we looking for following symptoms: fever (37.8 or higher, cough, shortness of breath, decrease in loss of smell or taste, muscle aches, tiredness. Tuesday is still 3 days away and hopefully by that time you will be feeling much better. I hope surgery will go well and you will get good pathology report.

Runner Girl
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Your stress is making you sick. Find a way to let it go so that you can get some sleep. Letting yourself get run down will be detrimental to your recovery. A nice cup of hot tea with honey, maybe a nice hot bath, a couple of good nights sleeps will help you to feel better.

Runner Girl

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@seddah I am sorry you're not feeling well and the extra anxiety this is causing you. I assume you are travelling on Monday. If you are still feeling badly, you may want to call the surgeon’s office while you’re on route and discuss your symptoms with them. Should they decide you are too ill, you won’t have done the full trip and can turn around. In the meantime taking good care of yourself and getting lots of rest can go a long way to helping you feel better and getting you prepared you for Tuesday.

Wishing you well on Tuesday.

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@seddah Hello……perhaps your stress is making you “sick”….feel unwell……please try to use these few days, before the Surgery…..to look after yourself…..try hot tea/honey/soothing cough drop…..make your washroom like a sauna…..blast the hot water tap…close the door…..stay in there as long as possible…..warm air is healing….get rid of that “cold.”….rest…..hopefully get some needed deep sleep…..and Tuesday is near….Think of Tuesday as your Goal! You will make it!

Best Wishes for you,


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Oh my! I totally know how you feel! i know that’s a statement we don’t really like to hear, but hear me out. Lol My mastectomy was scheduled for March 19, 2020 We returned from a very therapeutic trip to Mexico that we scheduled for between chemo and surgery on March 10. On March 13 they announced everyone who travelled had to quarantine upon return because of COVID. Did the quarantine apply to us? Well most of the 150 employees my Husband manages felt it did. He came home and we spent the next few days panicking that the quarantine would apply to me and my surgery would be cancelled. Sleepless, with nothing to do but worry and feel the panic escalating.

In my case, I eventually made the call to my surgeons office. They reassured me that the surgery would be a go. That helped us relax for the last couple of waiting days. And the surgery was completed as scheduled.

Hope you are able to find your peace these neXr few days and your surgery goes as scheduled.

@seddah - just checking in to see how things went for you on Tuesday. Update us as you are able and comfortable.


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