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Today I Choose Joy
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Well today was a bit of a milestone day for me. I met with my oncologist today (after a crazy start to their clinic). It has been nearly two years since I have been on my PARP inhibitor and I will be stopping when I finish this last bottle. I will have reached the end of the two year recommended time frame. It will feel a little strange not being in active treatment but I’m pretty sure I will adjust.

My CT scan done at the end of October is clear and I am still showing no evidence of disease. I will be moving into surveillance mode and we will be lengthening the time between appointments. Testing plan is still to be fully determined.

My oncologist congratulated me on being the first person in his practice to complete the protocol without experiencing a recurrence. I personally think there should have been cake and balloons. Lol. I remember the day he came bouncing into the chemo suite saying I had been approved for the drug. He was like a kid in a candy store. I do appreciate his tenacity to get me the treatment that will give me the best chance of beating this.

So today I am grateful for my journey and where I am today. I am also grateful for all of you because you truly get the impacts of this disease. Thank you for being such a great support.

Today I will find joy in the journey.


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Such wonderful news @JustJan ! I too think there should have been cake and balloons 🎈🎉💃. Congratulations for coming to this ending on your journey and good job on your very hard work to get there! 💕

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@JustJan CONGRATS !!! Thanks for sharing such uplifting news !

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@JustJan Congratulations! So happy that you have no evidence of this disease.

Go get yourself a very decadent cake at one of those fancy cafe\bakeries. You deserve it. We have a gourmet donut place where I live…I may have to use you as an excuse to go get one this week (ahem, yeah, my friend just reached a cancer recovery milestone…better make it 2…see, if I had a lot of friends on here that shared their milestones, I would be able to do this more often 😋)

I am on my 7th month of Olaparib. If you recall, you reassured me about this drug and it's side effects when I was prescribed it. I do think about the time in 17 more months when I won't be tied to the twice a day treatment and wondering if I will feel kind of lost.

All the best


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@Sadie12 thank you for your kind words. Funny you should mention how you might feel when you will be going off the olaparib. My oncologist asked me how I felt about going off of it. Although my side effects have been mild and very tolerable, I am anxious to see how I feel when I’m not taking it anymore.

I hope you are finding it to be tolerable and I hope you have the same success with that I have had.

@JustJan what a joy to read your post on your amazing success. I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate with loved ones as I am sure everyones hearts were so happy for you. How wonderful to know others will read this and find a beacon of hope for their own journeys. Welcome to your new treatment free normal!!! Congratulations 💛

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Con😊gratulations! This is great news and I wish you all the best in your next chapter! Thanks for sharing and I am very happy for you!
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