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Perspective can be tricky

Kintsugi - Relating my bilateral mastectomy to beautiful Japanese pottery…huh?

Had the surgery Thursday after discovering new cancer had developed during radiation treatment for a recent lumpectomy. Over the weekend, one side developed an infection. I'm currently on my 8th bag of IV antibiotics; looks and feels WAY better. Dilaudid is helping too..

Anyway, because it was the weekend I had to leave a message on the doctor's answering machine. Monday morning he examined, contacted 4 people right there and his Superwoman secretary heard, understood and didn't miss a beat as I laid there finally letting myself cry. I was admitted to hospital right away, hooked up to IV and am still receiving the stellar care that they tend to dish out here at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

I guess my message tonight is this. Hang in there. The good doctors and nurses and Co. do care, you are not alone, and OK, I'll slide in here too that I prayed to the Unknown Angels to rid my mind, heart and body of unnecessary sludge that isn't becoming of a fearfully and masterfully created human being. I think this too helped with the quick infection turn-around.

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oh my goodness!

thank you for sharing--your doc & his super assistant sound like amazing folks…nice to hear that they took care of things so immediately for you.
I am so relieved to hear you are where you should be, getting the care you should be to heal. their quick action has probably saved you lots of distress.

how did you realize that you had developed an infection?? that information might be useful for others who are unsure of post surgical changes.

I love the notion of KINTSUKUROI. it is a perfect image for us cancer patients who have our surgery scars….indeed….our individual cancer stories are being made more beautiful by all of the folks that help us to patch things up with the gold of their kindnesses.

best of luck with the rest of the AB's - I hope you get rid of that infection swiftly & completely and move along with the next chapters of your story. I would love to hear how things move along. your writing is fantastic.


#postoperativeinfection #KINTSUKUROI #ourhistorymakesusmorebeautiful

Hi @supersu

Thank you so much for your kind words.

My doc arranged for a nurse to visit me at home daily. So over the weekend the 2 nurses both said to have it looked at. It was a sac filled with fluid, about the diameter of a Chips Ahoy cookie, right under where my left nipple used to be. It was very tender to the touch and although this was the same boob that received 28 rounds of radiation, the color was still not what it should have been. They also said it looked significantly bigger than the other side, although both implant replacements are the same size.

Yes the whole team I deal with are just remarkable. My radiologist gave me her personal cell number. Yep, still floored.

@lifesbutadream those home nurses are a dream! Steven has slowed down to just once a week now as he’s healing so well but they make us feel so much better knowing they are checking in in the healing. So glad everything was in place to get you looked after so quickly. Amazing to know you’ve got the dream team on your side! Wishing you continued healing and a return home soon 💛

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What a beautiful perspective you write. I love the thought of the gold lining my scars…although I do love and honour my battle scars...they deserve to be adorned with gold.

All the best as you continue to heal and recover.



We do share the same perspective. As they say that hard work and tough experiences build character, our scars are a testament and reminder that we are stronger than we think.

God bless you on your journey 💖


Thank you for sharing such a wonderful perspective.

I hope your infection clears up and you are back home resting soon.

Keep us posted.



I came expecting to hear about artistic endeavour when perspective was mentioned but kintsugi was way beyond my expectations. My first exposure to it was in an art therapy class where we did collages to represent all the loss in our lives and then inexpensive gold foil to show signs of repair.

Kintsugi collage with gold foil

On a more serious note - lovely writing and we would love to have you join us over in the Creation Nation group here (shameless recruiting I know)


Wow that would be a great therapy exercise.

Thank you for the invitation, I will check it out!

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