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Feeling down
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I have started my treatment March 1st and all this time, I have been positive, refusing to let myself go, refusing to be a statistic. However, since August, the pain in my foot (tumor is in my thigh and the nerves are probably pressed, creating a pain and numbness in my foot) has been worse. After seeing my palliative team, we found a way to deal with the pain. I have been fine even though I cannot do much in terms of physical activities. Over the weekend, I felt pretty good and I used this energy to do so much in the house and even go for a walk. It was so lovely! By the end of the weekend, my foot was swollen again and the pain was back. Everything was going so well and now, I feel I am back to August. I was so positive but this time, I am feeling down. I am down because the pain is back, and I do not want to feel down. I know that I am allowed to feel down but how do I get back to my positive self?

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@Julie44, you sound as if you are being too hard on yourself. I hope that doesn’t sound harsh in printed text because I am being very kind.

Remaining positive all the time is difficult under the best of circumstances, and even more so while experiencing pain, receiving palliative treatments, etc. Positivity has its place, but so does acknowledging the reality of our experiences. It’s ok to acknowledge that what you are experiencing right now is unpleasant, painful and challenging. Pain can be exhausting. Plus, it’s disappointing when something that was working to relieve the pain is no longer effective.

Let your palliative care team know so they can adjust the dosage, prescribe a new medication or make other recommendations. I hope they can help you with the pain management so you can have more enjoyable days like you had this weekend. In the meantime, are there other activities you enjoy that may be less likely to aggravate the pain?

I hope you return to let us know how you are doing. We are here for you.

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@Julie44 Hi Julie, I'm sorry that you're beck in pain. S2020 hits the nail on the head about the pain. When it's constant it can drive you insane. First of all get your mind off of it. You CAN do it. Think first and foremost that you were pain free before and can be again. Get back to your team and get help fixing the problem and stay focused on being pain free again.

If need be begin your own regiment around what was happening before the pain returned. But this time with moderation. Keep your focus..ALWAYS. Always do a little bit, but keep it easy. There's all kinds of mobility aids like those knee board thingys. Choose what ever will work for you. AND USE IT. It's easier for me to say where I don't have cancer than where I do. I have a mobility scooter which is a milestone I didn't want to reach. I use it now just to get around our complex and meet up with neighbors.

It's going to take time so be prepared. Stay focused anyway. No matter what do everything in moderation. You can get back to being positive. You'll always have an awesome Family here if you need anything. And now you're a part of this Family.

You're not going to be a statistic ! Others have made it through this, why not you ? Also when you do your treatment always have a big smile on your face. Cancer hates that.

I hope you achieve your goal. We're here for you.

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