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Today was my first day of chemo. Easy, peasy as I napped through most of it. I taking the prescribed meds for the nausea and hoping they do as prescribed. The other side effects I'll deal with as they come.


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@Dave58 Hi Dave……You are the essence of Positive Thinking!

Thumbs Up - Back at 'cha!



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@Dave58, I am glad to read your first infusion went well. Wishing you a good outcome with your treatments. The anti-nausea meds are usually very helpful, but if not, let the staff know. We are here for you, too, as you go through this.

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@Dave58 I’m glad your first chemo is under your belt. Now it’s time to rest and recover.

Sending a virtual hug.

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Hi Dave,
Here is a prayer that was passed on to my sister:

Ever Abiding One, I need you in my life now more than ever.
Each day brings its own set of challenges for my vulnerable spirit and body.
Help me to live with the conditions of my illness without giving in to discouragement or despair.
Do not let the questions and the unknowns drown out the voice of your tender presence.
Guide the physicians to make good decisions.
Give me courage and wisdom to make my own good choices in treating this illness of mine.
Teach me to embrace the gift of each new day and to give thanks for those who help me through the ups and downs of this process.
Constantly assure me that you will not forsake me.
You will be by my side, my Trusted Guardian.
Help me walk the delicate balance of hope and surrender. Amen.
God bless you.
Brock C
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Attitude is everything!! Sounds like you in a great place, all things considered. Follow all their instructions and put on a brave face every day, even when you have to fake it. A positive outlook is what got me through my ordeal. I can't say enough about maintaining a good headspace even when it's really difficult.

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