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A new Beginning
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I just realized how many great people I have supporting me just here in our complex. Couple that with the AMAZING people I also have stretching from one coast to the other coast Of Canada and even the U.S. I am truly humbled. I mean really, who am I ? Just a old trucker not much different than anyone else you'll find walking down the street

BUT these people in my support Family will be with me. When I fall down they'll help me back up. When I feel like I'm going to turn into a screaming idiot ( and I have felt like that ) they will be there to say just the right things to calm me down. I am truly blessed that God led me to this beautiful group. He knows I'm human and will face so many trials with this cancer that He led me here where I'll get the human support I need. Some of you may not know or even believe that God is using you to help me.

For all the Christian believers here always remember : You may be the only Bible some will ever read.

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Lovely thoughts. Thank you.

Im happy to you you have such a great support team at home too. It’s important. I know I couldn’t have survived surgery recovery or chemo or radiation without my mom helping out.

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