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Peeking under the facade
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Yep, I think we all have a bit of a facade on here. Me, well I tend to cover feelings with humor. Or I'll just swallow them and ignore them the best I can. I also have a lot of trouble just dealing with them. On here I've found that I can share the things that hurt or are questionable. I know there are REAL people out there from coast to coast that even from behind a keyboard care about me. Someone nobody actually knows but still care not only about my cancer but just about every aspect of my life. That's powerful stuff ! My neighbor from across the drive stopped by yesterday and I ask him if he could build me a ramp for my mobility scooter. I told him there was no rush, a month from now would be fine. Two hours later it was done and looks good. Sometimes when we open the front door there will be something wrapped in aluminum foil. It's a banana bread baked by a lady in her late 80's. Or the wonderful Lady next door that occasionally drops off fruit she's dipped in chocolate “ just because your husband isn't feeling well ”

These people know I have cancer and sincerely want to do something for us. And from the bottom of my heart I love'm to death. But you guys truly get it. What it's like to actually live with cancer and how it affects our day to day living. How we have to deal with waiting, constipation, radiation burns, just the entire gambit we run from one thing to the next. I have learned that I can open up in here and feel your open arms catch me and hold me up. I promise to be more open with you, my cancer Family !

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@Dave58 Hi Dave……ya' just made me cry! 3 Kleenexes worth!

Your honesty……your neighbours are amazing……you opened another door…..to a discussion of “the Veil”….what is behind our veil?

Well….for me….. a hint of humour, hides the fear…..the uncertainty…..

We promise to pick 'ya up, off the cold, hardwood floor, any time!!!

That IS what Family, does!




@Dave58 agreed! Folks here get it and it feels like such a safe space to be real and get truly amazing support! Neighbors that bake are awesome too! We have received Ontario fresh picked apples, organic garlic and fresh bread as thinking of you guys gifts this week. Enjoy your day today!

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