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Another Update
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I finally received the results from the MRI I've been waiting on and the results weren't what I was hoping for. I'm now sporting not one,but two brand new, straight off the show room floor, tumors in my brain.

There's not much they can do. Chemo isn't very effective due to getting through the blood brain barrier ( new words for the day! ) so that leaves surgery with radiation but mostly likely just radiation as it's super difficult to dig that stuff out of a brain. And we all know that radiation kills every thing it radiates.

Yeah, it's a lot to take in. I've been trying to for hours. Seems like you get to take a tiny step forward and BOOM that BIG boot kicks you back two steps. I refuse to wallow in the “ life isn't fair ” garbage. Life is life, as simple as that. By the will of God my soul is at such a graceful peace I can't describe it. My faith is on a solid foundation and can not be shaken. For those that pray please include my wife too.

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Dear @Dave58

Thank you for sharing your update. Your attitude and fortitude shows all of us, that we are so much more than our cancer diagnosis . Your posts show such strength - in your faith, with your amazing wife - in the legacy on how we live.

I thank you for your honesty - this is so hard - in so many ways. But know, that we are here. We understand and we care.

I will definitely keep you and your wife in my prayers.


@Dave58 so sorry the new wasn’t better for you. Prayers sent for you and your bride for your care, for life’s wonderful moments together and continued peace for you both.

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@Dave58 im so very sorry for the news. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs your way.

Runner Girl
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I am sorry this update is less than ideal. Your attitude along with the skill of the radiation folks will hopefully take those tumors down to a mere shadow of themselves very soon.

Keeping you and your wife in my prayers.

Runner Girl


Shattering news.

But and it is a big but. I'm not as terrified as I was of brain mets. I have through the grace of this forum and other places that I hang out, met a few folks who have had whole brain radiation and even one or two who have had the nasties dug out with a craniotomy. And unless you saw the scars you wouldn't know.

Not to minimize the scare or the importance of prayer but explore the options. They while challenging and difficult might not be as bad as you think.

Praying for you buddy.



Well that just sucks! I wish I could be as eloquent as @Kims1961 , but I do second everything she wrote.

Thank you for trusting us with this update. We will continue to walk along side of you and your wife and support you as best we can.

Big hugs


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@WestCoastSailor Thanks Angus, we really needed to hear that. We haven't given up , we just don't know what our option are. We haven't met with the chemo oncologist yet so we haven't had the opportunity yet. Tomorrow is day 1 of chemo and we're hoping for some of his time to go over the options then.

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@Lianne_Moderator Awwwww Lianne what better news is that. There's no doubt in my heart that everyone will rally around me and become my shield. I know that each one of you will walk with us and support us just as we for you. It's what a Family does.

Roy L.
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Hey @Dave58 Not much more I can say that hasn't been said. Cancer just sucks! But going back to our discussion yesterday attitude will take you a long way, and you good sir have a great attitude. I know its hard to stay positive some days and that is ok, do your best and reach out anytime you need to. I hope the positive vibes I am sending make to the other coast. The very best to you and your wife!


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@Runner Girl

I am so sorry and surprised of this new diagnosis you have just received! You have done everything right and are such a strong woman! I don't know what you have decided to do moving forward, but your attitude, strength and positivity will get you through this. I wish I lived closer to you so I could give you more support. I will definitely pray for you and your wife. 💗

Runner Girl
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I think you are a bit confused here. This is @Dave58 's posting, I was simply replying to it.

Runner Girl

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@Dave58 I am so sorry for the news that you received about the brain tumours. You and your lovely wife will lean on each other and you will lean on your faith. I hope the oncologist has Some tricks up his sleeve for you.

Please know we will support you as you move forward through your treatment.

Sending you a virtual hug.

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@Dave58 Not much more I can add but sending prayers and hugs

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Another Update

Dave 58,

So sorry about the results of your brain scan. But, as is typical of you, you appear to be handling the news stoically. Thinking of you and your family and hoping for a more positive future.

Bear 1

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Dave58‍ That really sucks. Whatever you do, keep that sense of humour - in fact, don’t let them radiate anything near where the funny bit of your brain is! Seriously, I’m so, so sorry. You are one of the guiding lights on this site, and I hate to see you hit a bump in the road like this.

This link is 5 years old, but it’s about Canadian advances in SBRT for the brain, might be a starting point for you to investigate further. It’s bound to have improved even more since this article was written. I would be looking at this rather than WBRT, because it pinpoints the bad bits rather than zapping the whole brain.

Many, many hugs to you and your wife.
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oh shoot! you and the lovely must be beside yourselves! I am so sorry for your disappointing results.

I continue to be amazed by your generosity and transparency, and how you both are sharing your stories with us all. I know you know, how many people you are helping.

I don't have any brothers in my family, but if I did, I'd hope they'd be funny & generous & loving just like you! you are making us all closer. #WeAreFamily

I am thinking of you and your wife and sending all the positive vibes.


#disappointingresults #familysupport #goodvibesonly #cancerstory

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@Runner Girl

I apologized to you through another post, I hope you got it. Again I am so sorry for the confusion. I get confused easily on this site. I am glad that you are ok. 💜

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I join others here when I say that I am here praying for you and your wife. I have been amazed at your grace and humour during the last few posts of yours.

I hope your oncology team has some encouraging plans to treat you.


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Yeah, it's a lot to take in. I've been trying to for hours. Seems like you get to take a tiny step forward and BOOM that BIG boot kicks you back two steps. I refuse to wallow in the “ life isn't fair ” garbage. Life is life, as simple as that. By the will of God my soul is at such a graceful peace I can't describe it. My faith is on a solid foundation and can not be shaken. For those that pray please include my wife too.

Hello @Dave58 . I am really sorry to hear of your news and that the prognosis is so bleak. I know a bit about what it feels like because of when my late wife got her Dx of ovarian cancer, which they could also not do anything about and it did metastisize to the brain and other areas. The news hit us like a ton of you know what at first, and I remember her saying that "well, Im just gonna do what I want now." And bless her heart, thats what she did too. Sometimes she just wanted to get out to the park across the street from our house and I would always help her to do what she needed to do on a given day. We had a lot of fun during some of those days.

I guess my point would be that yes, as other members have rightly said, there may be some research you can do to improve things for you, so of course go that route as you are able. But for my wife the important thing was to keep herself as comfortable as possible. No one likes pain or nausea so we did what it took to keep that end of things at bay. Its not wrong to take pain killers etc if one really needs them.

Sounds like some of the options you know of now would be geared to what they call "palliative" meaning to keep you more comfortable for longer and as long as you can bear with any side effects, that is a good idea too. My wife got a little defiant with some of that treatment and didnt like the side effects so she would wrinkle up her nose this cute way and go "no way!" "Roll me a joint hon." We had Medical marijuana for her nausea, prescribed by a Dr.

Our faith was a very big part of dealing with the crazy stuff, and I can share some of that with you any time you or your wife asks, either in pms or whatever topic you ask it in. I do have a prayer partner and I showed her your pic with the T Shirt that you got from your wife. She went "wow. Thats awesome!" So we are of course, lifting you both up in prayer.

Already, your example of faith and good humour has touched many on this forum in such a positive way. We will all be here for you anytime you need us. Take each day, one at a time. Explore possible options, and stay close to one another...thats all my wife and I did and she outlived every prediction that came our way for how long she would live by several years! So we never know just how much longer we will have, but we sometimes underestimate the miracle-working power of love to not only extend the days of our lives, but to add life to our days. Contact me anytime @Squirrelbutt and @Dave58 . Ill be around.

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PS Its always OK to cry either by yourself, or together. I remember one time when my wife was getting sicker, I had a major cry and held her close as I broke down. She wasnt able to do anything for me because she was so sick, but after it was over I started apologizing and she just smiled and said in that sweet voice that i still hear today “Its OK hon. I want to be here for you too.” One of many reasons I loved her. So dont be scared of the emotions. Just own them. They will not master you or define you but they will add strength and other amazing dimensions to your days.

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Oh @Dave58…I’m so sorry you did not get better news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time.

May you find strength and peace in the days to come.

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Dave58‍ So sad and sorry to hear your news. Praying for you and your wife! Take good care. 🙏🙏🙏
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@Dave58 so sorry to hear this latest news. Wishing you well as you start your new treatment. Essjay xx

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@Dave58 I join all of your, and your wife's, friends here in saying that you are both in my thoughts. Thank you so very much for sharing with us. We may not be able to heal others physically but your caring, empathy and support helps us all on the Connection and helps make this such a special place. You are certainly surrounded with caring and prayers.

The warmest of hugs to you both.


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