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Needing just good vibes
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Hi everyone, I just have three cycle of chemo in three months due to my poor immunization system. This Wednesday I will go to have my blue work to see if they can continue. I need all of your good vibes and wishes and prayers,thank you
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@Narges Hello……please know that I AM, sending you TONS of good vibes….positive thoughts…..strength…..and more…..

AND: Remember…..you owe me: 25 Planks & 25 Sit Ups ! Like Soon !!



#Good Vibes

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@Narges - Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. We are all holding your hand virtually through this.

Runner Girl
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Hello @Narges

Sending you good, healing thoughts and loads of strength.

Never stop believing in HOPE because MIRACLES happen every day.

Runner Girl

Roy L.
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@Narges I have been overflowing with positive vibes sent my way and now I pass on to you. Sometimes we have to smile through our clenched teeth, wishing you nothing but success in your treatment.



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@Narges Sending you all the good vibes and prayers possible ! Remember to smile during chemo…cancer HATES that

Cynthia Mac
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Narges‍ , are they doing bloodwork to see if you can have your next treatment, or to determine whether or not you can continue your treatments?

It does happen that certain markers in the blood don’t “bounce back” to the right levels, which causes postponement of treatments. It happened to my Dad a couple of times, and they also reduced the amount of his chemo meds at one point, to see if his blood counts bounced back faster.

Regardless, I hope you’re able to continue, even though I know chemo is hard.

Dave58‍ There used to be someone on this site who said that when they were having their treatments they imagined they could hear their cancer cells screaming as they died! I like your line, too!
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OMG! If sending good vibes to everybody around and making it work helps, please, please get all my good vibes! I cross fingers and toes as well!

I hope it goes well for you.

All the best and keep us updated!

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Good news. I had my chemo yesterday and believe me I can never imagine that I wanted to have it. Liver is almost stable and can tolerate the chemicals. I am so happy that even I just came back from my fit training session with my students with my chemo bottle attaching to me !!! ( normally I can’t have it in the week I am on chemo)

so it works

thank you everyone

wish you best

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@Narges Hi….I am so happy for your good news……wonderful to hear……I just know….your students, think the world of you; such a Leader!


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Prayer sent 💪🏻

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