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Breast Cancer for a Third Time in Two Years?!
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UPDATE: Got my results back today from the biopsy and I am super happy that I do NOT have breast cancer for a 3rd time! 👏🏻 I had fat necrosis with associated inflammation, fibrosis and dystrophic calcification. Which is common in women who have had breast cancer surgery and radiation treatments; all benign. There was no evidence of breast cancer at all in either breasts so that means I officially kicked cancer’s a**! I am done with cancer finally, all cancer treatments and can move on with my life! I will still need to do regular yearly mammograms (as much as I dread them), and still be on Tamoxifen for years to come (to keep the breast cancer away), but overall I am done and free and clear to move on with my life. After 2 years of dealing with this cancer nonsense it’s finally over! Thank you for all the kind words and support; it is appreciated!

I rarely come onto this forum unless I need support/advice. Thank you to all the peeps on here who truly carve out time to hold space for me and really understand what it’s like to deal with these complex cancer issues. I went in for my routine 10 month post-treatments mammogram and ultrasound and they found something, again. I am scheduled for a biopsy in a week or so. Unfortunately I’m not optimistic that this isn’t cancer, as the last two mammograms and ultrasounds and biopsies were all cancer. It’s frustrating because the first time I was diagnosed it was May 2019, then 6 months later I had a routine follow up (September 2020) and bam I had breast cancer again (this time in the other breast). Then I go through treatments and have another routine mammogram and ultrasound and bam they find something again (September 2021). I’m at a loss here because I’ve gone through 2 surgeries, have had 10 lymph nodes removed (5 under each arm), have had chemo, have had radiation, I have been on Tamoxifen since 2020 and I’m still getting cancer yearly. The first one was invasive ductal carcinoma and the second time was in the breast tissue, and now I’m told this is in the ducts yet again. So I really can’t understand why this is happening to me….again! I’ve been tested for the BRCA gene and that came back negative. No one seems to have any answers. It is frustrating. I’m not feeling my usual “grateful they caught it early“ self. The first time I was diagnosed was hard on me emotionally and physically, but I dealt well considering. The second time I didn’t emotionally deal well. If I get diagnosed a third time I’m worried I’m going to lose my mind. Unfortunately given I’ve had extensive surgeries, chemo and radiation my treatment options are limited and a double mastectomy is now on the table. To be honest I really could care less and would welcome the idea of getting rid of two breasts that have been trying to kill me, literally, for two years now. I’ve had to deal with a lot. I’ve seen therapist; I’m seeing a therapist. I’ve done everything I can to be healthy both mentally and emotionally. But each year I try to put this garbage behind me and my mammograms keep pulling me back in. I can’t go through this a 4th time next September. It’s more than anyone could take. It’s one thing to have a reoccurrence 5 or 10 or 20 years after the fact, but to keep having cancer every bloody year is cruel and unusual punishment. To have no answers as to “why” is even worse. Anyways, I’ll get through this, like I have the last two times. Each time little more worse for wear and rougher around the edges. It’s good that I have places like this to come to in order to vent and get some help and understanding from those who’ve gone through it. I do wonder though if I’m alone in this unlucky 2-5% lottery. I was assured by my surgeon and oncologists that the likelihood it would come back a 3rd time was unbelievably small. I wish that was true in my case; I hope that it hasn’t come back. Until my biopsy, I wait, again. Something I’ve become a pro at. Not by choice. Has anyone else been diagnosed like this? I cannot imagine this is a common theme in most cancer patient’s journey(s). Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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thanks for checking in and posting again…..I am a bit of a newbie here, so I don't think we've met before….

my story: had a dad who had breast cancer, so for all of my adult life I kind of operated on the ‘not if, but when’ I got breast cancer mode. super stressful to say the least. I had many biopsies over the span of 20 years, and all of them turned out negative…..until……I was dx'd in late Feb 2020 - had 2 surgeries & 16 radiation zaps & take daily Anastrozole. BRCA = negative ---surprised us all 😆
at my 6 month mammo, they found ‘something’ on the other side--to be ‘watched closely'????. then few months ago I had a biopsy on the same side for a highly suspicious lesion????

I feel like a ticking time bomb.

so I GET YOU 100%!!!
so sorry that you had a recurrence so quickly and ya, I can totally understand your anxiety with this newest lesion.

cancer is hard. if only ‘they’ understood more about it.
and I get your feeling of not caring if they just take them both off. my friends, gawd love em, said at one point to me….'just tell them to take these unhealthy boobs and give you bigger/better ones'! 😂

when is your next biopsy? have you got an appointment at least??
I don't know how you feel, but honestly I'd rather just KNOW what I am dealing with…the fear of the unknown is TORTUROUS for me.

If you need a buddy who is NOT family or friend, let me know.
I am on ANOTHER disability for ongoing stuff, (broken foot), so am available 24/7.

hang in the friend

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Runner Girl
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Oh @AniD I am so sorry. You've been thru so much already, this just isn't right or fair. Will keep fingers crossed that this isn't a third cancer. But, if it is, perhaps the double mastectomy is the way to go so you don't have this continuing circle of cancer, treatment, mammogram, cancer, treatment, etc.

You are a super woman in my books, having gone through it twice already. I sincerely hope this is not a third time.

I'm going to tag @frozenstar who also went thru it twice.

Runner Girl

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@AniD Hi…..oh my gosh…your plate is truly full! I am sorry to hear of this difficult time; again…..no-nothing is fair….

Perhaps the double mastectomy, will be offered….and one day…give your peace in your mind and soul.

Lean On Us.



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Thanks @supersu @Runner Girl and @Whitelilies I appreciate it. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. It helped to just vent and get it out of my head. Will keep you posted.

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@AniD, I am so sorry you are potentially facing yet another cancer diagnosis. I have not had multiple breast cancer diagnoses, but was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just 4 months after my breast cancer diagnosis. This was in 2019. In December of 2020 they found something suspicious on my mammogram. After discussing with my surgeon, we opted for a biopsy and it did turn out to be negative. It was tissue healing or something like that as a result of radiation.

I do hope your biopsy turns out to be negative as well. If it is negative, is it worth having a discussion about having a bilateral mastectomy anyway? I can only imagine the anxiety this causes you with every mammogram you have and it sounds like you’re ready to bid the girls farewell.

Please keep us posted on how you make out. Whatever the outcome we will listen and support you. Sending you a virtual hug.

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