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Can anyone say self-destructive?

I've heard cancer loves sugar and booze. I went on a kick for a few days, ingesting neither; sugars were from fruit, basically. This morning was another story, coffee and Bailey's (half a pot) and a Mr. Big chocolate bar. Breakfast of champions.

Waiting for CT scan and bone scan to see if it has metasticized. Have a good day everybody, cheers.

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lifesbutadream‍ I like your user name. Welcome. You know , I've read countless posts on here with people who live the healthiest of lifestyles,do everything right, and still get cancer. So don't beat yourself up over one bad breakfast. I'm praying for you that it hadn't metastasized. Keep us in the loop so we can support you.
Thank you Brighty 🌺
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@lifesbutadream Hello…..well Pepsi & KitKat make my day!


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I can so relate! I no longer drink but peanut butter cups and jalapeno cheddar chips chased with Pepsi are a staple! Sometimes we have to take whatever comfort is available.

Whitelilies‍ Have you tried the almond Kitkats? Yum!

We have to laugh at ourselves.

Good luck with the scans!
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hi! I love baileys and coffee! Now that I’m cancer retired I indulge!
Cynthia Mac
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@lifesbutadream , there’s been a lot of debate over the sugar causing cancer statement, and there are some discussions in the forums about it, if you want to go through the archives (or do a search on sugar — something might pop up that way, too)

Personally, I can’t see sugar being the only enemy. Some say it’s the obesity that sugar causes that causes the cancer, but skinny people get cancer, too, and some of them have had a downright pious life in the diet department.

We now know that cancers can be caused by many factors: family history, viruses, exposure to certain nasty chemicals. So, I’d be disinclined to think that your “breakfast of champions” is going to do more damage than the disease that they’re investigating!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE your handle….makes me think of the song, natch…..I feel compelled to call you sweetheart!

I do not know if cancer loves sugar, but I have posted endlessly about my #pizzagintherapy last summer….not trying to brag, but I am convinced my ‘therapy’ was instrumental in my treatment…..
not great for my girlish figure, but hey…..anything to make you feel better as you work thru the waiting for DI appointment and then the results is a win in my books!
I dont think that is self destructive at all…use whatever legal ‘therapy’ you need to get thru these difficult chapters. and besides, I never heard of ANYONE saying salad made them feel better! ha ha

let us know how things move along for you…..thanks for your post sweetheart….so many of us can relate 100%.


#diagnosticimaging #cancerisawaitinggame

pizza therapy
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@Saharabee Hi… I love ANY form of KitKat…..and Smarties….and Caramilk…..

Whoa……how DO they get the caramel, in the Caramilk bar??


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@lifesbutadream welcome although I’m sorry about your breast cancer diagnosis. There is no scientific correlation between sugar and cancer. As others have said, some of the most fit and diet conscious develop cancer. Cancer doesn’t seem to discriminate. I say some Bailey’s and chocolate aren’t going to hurt you and I bet taste pretty good.

Do be kind and gentle with yourself.


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I don't consider that as self destruction. For myself. It was stress eating. My go to foods were dark chocolate Cheesies and occasional wine. I slowly reduced the intake of "bad" foods but still indulge occasionally. We have enough to worry about when fighting cancer. Don't beat yourself up for indulging once in a while. In my opinion, part of the healing is to treat yourself if it makes you feel good.

@lifesbutadream and others,

I thought I would share the this information from cancer.ca on the link of sugar and cancer :

Sugar and Cancer Link


PS - now I want chocolate lol


Just wanted to say that was my first exposure to the myths section of cancer.ca. Where have you been all my life beautiful!


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