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I was diagnosed week before last. I have a good prognosis, but … emotionally, I'm not okay. I've been spiraling. I haven't been eating. Barely sleeping. Drinking too much. I'm not usually a drinker. I just feel so alone and I don't know who to talk to. I called the local crisis line and all they say is that I have excellent chances and it could be worse. It's so invalidating. I'm terrified. And they brush it off like it's nothing. It's stage 1 endometrial, so it's very treatable. But it's still cancer.

I'm so scared and tired already. Does it get easier?

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@seddah Hi ! I can so relate to “ spiraling ” Been there done that. Ask your Doc for a referral to mental health. Getting the help you need for that will be a HUGE step in a positive outlook for your cancer. There's plenty of help out there for what ever you need , it's just frustrating in how to find it. All of us here will support you in what ever you need the best we can !

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@Dave58 I'm sorry you can relate. It's not a good feeling. I just feel like everything is out of my control. And I don't know how to handle it. Thankfully, I have a great psychiatrist. I guess it's time to call her.

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thank you for your post. this is truly a place for the real conversations about our real feelings…your vulnerability will hit home with so many & help others who can't articulate their sadness/scaredness/feeling aloneness.

I'm so sorry you feel so alone and invalidated.

cancer is HARD. no two ways to slice that! sorry, I can't give you some sugar coated fairy tale version of things…..

in my experience, yes it does get better….once you know the path you are headed, get some concrete results and statistics, and get over the sheer horror of the diagnosis, then it gets ‘better’.

I hope you can find someone here or out in your community that will validate your feelings and help you through this difficult for you time.

have you tried the Canadian Cancer Specialists? they might be able to direct you to more appropriate support folks. 1-888-939-3333.

let us know how you are making out



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@seddah so glad you posted - it’s a safe space here.

Talk to your psychiatrist, but also look for a social worker/ therapist at your cancer centre.

when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I found my diagnosis a little overwhelming, but the therapists were awesome. One I formed a good connection with and she helped me through the worst days of my treatment when the pain was awful (and a holiday weekend of course)…they can’t take away the anxiety and the feelings but they can help you process them and use tools to handle them so you can move forward with every day life.

If you have any trouble finding the social worker at your centre, try the helpline on here 1-888-939-3333 or email cancerconnection@cancer.ca and they should be able to put you in touch.

Do you have a date for surgery?

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@seddah I'm sorry you can relate. At one time I was down as far as possible. I think I hit bottom and began to dig. Definitely talk with Your Mental Health professional A councilor is goes well with a Psychiatrist. I had both and being open and honest with them, they stopped my spiral and helped me to a much better position. We're here for you, any and all questions, concerns and even rants are valid. As Essjay said - this is a safe place !

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@seddah thought I would do a check in and see how you’re doing? I hope you were able to get some help to manage all the emotions that go with a cancer diagnosis.

#mentalhealth #Emotionalsupport

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