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So after 8 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of radiation, I am finally going to have surgery tomorrow to get this cancer out of my body. Unilateral mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction. I am so thankful for this forum. It has provided me with a wealth of information and I am been introduced to some many courageous individuals. I am super nervous but also excited to move forward with the new me.🌻

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The waiting is often the hardest part emotionally. I am sure your procedure will go well. Sending positive thoughts your way!

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Lorax1‍, thinking about you as you prepare for tomorrow’s surgery and wishing you the best possible outcome as you heal and recover.
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good luck today with your surgery!


#mastectomy #DIEPreconstruction #cancerconnection


Thinking of you today 🙂. Sending you healing vibes!

It is so great to hear you are a step closer to the new you!

Please share with us when you can!


Runner Girl
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Good luck with the surgery and reconstruction.

When you're up to it let us know how you are doing.

Runner Girl

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