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quick catch up
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Hi, Long time no write. I just wanted to say that I so miss this group and although I have looked, I can't find another form, for the people (Me) who have to keep on going.

Anyway just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and think of this forum often. For my coping I often write letters to Michael and keep them on the computer, but I have to admit I have mailed a few to Michael somewhere in the Universe…..

Take Care and Stay Strong


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Vox‍ great to hear from you. You are always welcome here. We have a group on here called 'Coping with Grief' on this forum for those of us who have lost someone near and dear. We talk about different ways to navigate the grief process and members update how they are coping. You are more than welcome to join and update us on how things are going. Heck my fiance passed 3 years ago and I'm still posting away here. I like that you are writing letters to Michael and getting your feelings out. I write letters to Dan too and sometimes post them in 'Coping with Grief '. You can share whatever you are comfortable sharing there. Thank you for reaching out to us again!!!!

@Vox It's so great to hear from you. As both you and @Brighty have mentioned, letters are a very powerful way to deal with grief. I have two friends who have died from cancer and I miss them so much. I got to say good-bye to one of my friends, but I was scheduled to see my other friend in the evening and when I contacted my friend's daughter to get more details about visiting, I found out that my friend died that morning. As someone who has also had breast cancer, the feelings (at least for me) were much different being the one with cancer and losing someone to cancer.

I'm glad to hear that you are taking steps to cope with your grief. Brighty's suggestion about joining the Coping with Grief group sounds like a good one.


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oh my thank you for responding…. i have to tell you i have tears in my eyes as i respond….. the group you suggested sound perfect…. I will seek it out…. thank you soooooo much……


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@Vox Pamela, welcome back. We missed you.

MCoaster 🌸

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you have no idea, saying those words mean to me… thank you

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all I can say is thank you for allowing me to continue to write and get responses no matter what they are… it has been very lonely since Michael died, and with covid,… (smiling) I was not use to be alone, but when Michael was alive, I craved having time just for me…..its kind of like the saying ‘be careful for what you wish for’

Runner Girl
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Welcome back @Vox

Please do come join us in Coping with Grief. I think you will find it's the right fit for you at this stage.

Runner Girl

@Vox - it was so nice to see your name come up again. I am so glad you came back to check in with us. Grief is a crafty little thing that sometimes lives with us for periods of time and sometimes sneaks up on us when we least expect it.

I hope you will find some comfort in the Coping with Grief group. Here is the link:


You have a place here on the site whenever you need.

Another resource that might be helpful to you is my grief: https://www.mygrief.ca/



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