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Cookies And Eating
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Not the internet kind but real, baked cookies. I have rarely ever had trouble eating. But now is very different and hard. We new my wife was terminal but today’s ct scan report was really really bad. Despite all the chemo and radiation my wife’s end is even closer than we thought.
I used to eat emotionally but now, simple cokies like Maria biscuits, are the only thing I can swallow. Absolutely NO interest in anything else. Even my favourite foods and indulgences hold no interest for me. Any tips to help with sparking my appetite?
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Refuge33‍ I'm so so sorry but I get it. When my fiance was nearing the end I had no appetite either. I withered away to 92 pounds I wanted nothing but my comfort foods...muffins, cookies and KD. But as caregivers we must do our best to care for ourselves and get nutrition into you.....no matter how hard it is,....or you will feel worse. You might want tell tell a friend that you need some nutritious meals but have no energy or where -withal to prepare for your self. Maybe a good friend or family member can deliver meals to you and join you on the porch, social distanced and eat with you. Sometimes good company helps the appetite.
if that does not work for whatever reason, make things for now that are simple, quick and easy to digest. Cream Soups, pasta noodles, eggs....even try ensure and boost....so even if you don't feel like eating a meal, at least if you have shakes into you and be able to have energy and protein in you. I have even relied on baby food when I had to. It was easy when I was too distraught to make anything, soft enough to digest, and nutritious. Hope that gives you a few idea. I'm sure others will be along to post and tell you what they did or didnt do in terms of eating habits while caregiving.
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