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Lucid at the end
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UPDATE Mumma passed away in my (and Dad's arms) surrounded by my brother & sister as well as my husband and my Uncle (her brother) on June 19th 2021. She was suddenly very lucid and energetic started on Monday afternoon after being told she had hours to live and lasted until that Saturday. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. It was helpful and very appreciated.

Mom is losing her battle. It started last Wednesday and we nearly lost her then. She was stabilized in the trauma room and had been stable since, admitted on a unit, with slow deteriorating vital signs and kidney function. Just yesterday we were told she had “maybe weeks. Not months”. This morning her blood pressure was lower still, (65/32) she was beginning to be confused, harder to wake up but fully alert when we did get her to wake up. The doctor told us this morning that she has hours. They cancelled her nephrostomy tube change out despite her kidneys being at 15% and decreasing and told us her going home under end of life care was not reasonable. We gathered my siblings in her hospital room. Then, she woke up and was awake, silly, interactive & asked for certain foods/drinks which we obliged. She ate more than she’s had in 2 weeks, in one sitting. Her blood pressure improved as well. It was very nice to have so much fun with her this afternoon but also very jarring mentally.
anyone have experience with this terminal lucid period?

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Hi FunnyBunny‍ ,
My mom had that so-called "lucid period" about 5 days before she passed. It lasted for 4 days. She suddenly ate fair amount each day. She moved her head slowly and "looked" at her grandson's pictures we showed to her. On the last day in the afternoon, her home nurse came and said " She must die tonight". We asked how she tell and she told us our mom's breathing was very messy and shallow. The nurse prescribed her some kind of injection to make her feel comfortable but she left before the medicine came after 1 and half hour from the nearest pharmacy. At that time, I wished we were in the hospital. My mom was so skinny and we had trouble to inject to her arm. She struggled with her weak body. We were heartbreaking when we forced in. She finally relieved and fell asleep. We took turn to monitor her. In the very early morning the next day, my sibling found my mom had difficulty to breath, mostly out, she woke up all of us when we were sleeping in the next room....we held her hands tight.... we promised her we would take good care of ourselves...
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Thank you for your reply. Your experience helped me know what to expect. Mum is also very thin & you can see all her bones. She was pretty awake again yesterday and this morning she asked me for jujube candies so I brought some but she’s been sleeping all day today. At times I think her breathing is changing but then it goes back to normal.
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FunnyBunny‍ Its the hardest thing watching a loved one die, but I’m sure in her own way your Mom appreciates you being there.

I can’t offer any advice on how to handle things, just wanted to let you know you have a group of folks giving virtual hugs and love xx
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FunnyBunny‍ Hello....re "terminal lucid period"......I went to see my father (89) daily, at his Palliative care centre.....(during covid).....he was permitted up to 2 persons, each day....my mom and I "shared" the bulk the of day.
He had chosen not to eat anything, for days....Dr said "that was normal".......He suddenly craved Soda Water.....I bolted to corner store; and bought 36 cans !.....He would be in and out "of it"......We just got used to seeing him "not eating".....but he was drinking....he would have quiet times.....he would be a bit more talkative at times.....BUT.....the "turning point"....came about 5 days, into Palliative......the Nurse called it "Restless Time"......patient will be extremely "restless" when body shuts down. My dad was classic case......wanted bed up high; then low; wanted to walk; wanted to go home; wanted to use phone (never used it in months; he was all over the map; he was "restless"......within hours of "restless"....palliative care centre called....to come NOW....he was unresponsive......we were bed side......he passed within 3 hours of this "restless state".
I hope this "helped"......I am sure each person is different in their medical case....their age, etc......all individuals....
Be there.....follow your heart.....hold hands.....
Life must go on.

Thinking of you . Having sat with my dad as he passed from cancer, I have some understanding of how difficult this is for you.

Sending you gentle virtual hugs.

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Funny Bunny

I too went through a difficult, sad time when my father passed away. He had cancer ,surgery then a stroke. He was depressed and paralized for a year and a half. He stopped eating, and drinking. They made him as comfortable as possible with medication for pain. My family and I visited him everyday for 14 months. When his breathing became very difficult and raspy, sounded wet he passed that evening. We also lost my husband's mother pretty much the same way a few years later. She too had cancer. In St. Catharines Ontario she was able to have a Doctor come to the family home. They brought in a hospital bed, gave her medication to make her more comfortable. She lived for 10 days with no food, just medications. I know they are sort of semi conscience, they are weak and they are on medication, but I still feel that they know you are there to comfort them and keep them company. I just lost my mother in 2019. She was 90 years old and a fighter! She had a big surgery, ended up with pneumonia, they put her on a ventilator, she hung on for about a week and then it was decided to let her go as under the circumstances she would only suffer more. It was the most difficult decision I ever had so make. I will say a prayer for your family. Being with your loved ones does help. Best wishes and hugs.
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