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So-called PSA ‘bounce’
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6 months post HDR Brachytherapy / external beam radiation and training hard for a 1000 km ride across Nova Scotia.
Pre-Procedure PSA was 5.8.
3 months post-procedure PSA was 3.65.
Now it’s up to 7.13. WTF!?
Not a happy bear right now.
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pc876‍ I'm sorry to hear that started off as really good news has taken a turn. Unfortunately all the exercise in the world doesn't guarantee that cancer won't return but it is supposed to lower the risk. There are many people who were i great shape prior to their diagnosis, which makes it seem all the more unfair.

I'm assuming that you have prostate cancer or at least had been treated for it. What has your oncologist said about it? Are there next steps?

I have had breast cancer, so I can't comment on what might be happening from a physical perspective. If you go to the Types of Cancer section of the site there is a selection for Prostate Cancer. Perhaps you can find someone there who has gone through what you are going through.

I know that my words are small comfort to you. They maybe be irritating when you still need some time to adjust. I totally understand your frustration. Yes this an emotional rollercoaster moment and certainly isn't fun. Just please remember that there are people on this site that will listen to you vent and answer your questions based on their experiences.


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I'm sort of in the same boat...3 years after surgery my PSA is creeping up but very slowly. However, a friend of mine is experiencing the same thing as you, six months after being radiated his PSA was 3.5, six months later it went to 5.7. A PET scan revealed that it had spread to his bones, he is still on Zoladex but after less than a year, last week he learned that it's now in his lymph nodes. Sadly, for him, there are no next steps.

Hang in there...
pc876‍ When are you scheduled to talk to your oncologist? Until that happens is there something you can do that you enjoy? Do you have friends or family that can help to support you?

Waiting is the worst experience. While I was waiting for a diagnosis I used to tell myself that everything was okay until proven otherwise.

Please also keep in mind that while people can have the same kind of cancer, the cancer experience can be really different.

Please keep us posted.

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