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Here We Go Again, Devestating Update
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I've just received my recent PET Scan results, and the news is not good. My former Stage 1 lung cancer has now spread into other parts of my body ... liver, bones, breasts, etc. I am now classified as Stage 4. My radiology oncologist will turn my case over to a medical oncologist to see if other treatments are feasible. Apparently, with intervention, I may have a year left; without, it's months. Other than my husband who knows the situation, it will be hard to tell family ... especially my 8-year-old granddaughter.

I know the CCS site has lots of information on dealing with terminal cancer, etc., but I would appreciate any direct links people can send me. This includes links to other sites with support/information that might be helpful.

Bear1 (Connie)
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Hi there,
I'm sure others will come along with links. I can't seem to figure them out on my mac.
That is indeed very hard news, my heart goes out to you.
I hope you find some peace.
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Bear1‍ , don’t give up hope just yet! I was told the same thing - “You have stage 4 lung cancer. You have a year or so with treatment, a few months without it.” That was two years ago next month, and I’m still not only alive, but leading a normal life. I had a mutation that qualified me for targeted therapy, so I just take a pill a day and forget about it. If you qualify for either targeted therapy or immunotherapy, your life will be far from over. If you didn’t already have a biopsy to find that out, then I would suggest you try and get one as soon as you can!

I know you must be in shock right now, but hang in there. As Angus would say, stage 4 lung cancer is no longer a death sentence, just a chronic disease.

We’re all going to die - but not today!
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Thanks for the positive, hopeful words, Kuching! They boosted my spirits today.
When I know which treatment (if any) I will receive, I'll inform you and the others who kindly responded to me.

Bear 1 (Connie)
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Bear1‍ I am so sorry for your sad news! My heart and prayers are with you! 🙏💔 🙏💔 🙏💔
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Bear1‍ just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thinking of you and sending a virtual hug.
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Bear1‍ I am beyond sad upon hearing your news but there are a lot of people on this site who are proof that there is always hope as long as you keep fighting to make it one day at a time since today is all any of us have….nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Keep fighting a little longer you never know what might happen and the doctors can always make mistakes in their predictions of life expectancy. Take a deep breath and enjoy today!

Resilience…today is a brand new day and I will make the most of it!!

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Don't put yourself in the ground just yet. WestCoastSailor‍ is a terminal lung cancer patient who runs and LIVES. Also probably past his best before date.
If you are in BC there is also a Metastatic Cancer Support Group that meets via zoom every 2 weeks on Friday morning. PM me if you are in BC and I can provide the number to call to receive the invite.
We are here to support you.
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