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Here we go again!
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Hi, it's Connie (Bear 1) I haven't posted for a while.

Radiation successfully eliminated a tumour in the middle lobe of my right lung. (I was feeling very happy.)
However, my three-month, follow-up, cat scan (done on April 1) shows two more lesions, which my oncologist and a consulting radiologist believe are new cancers. So, I am now booked for another PET scan next week (my second in a year). As well, the new lesions are so close to the site of my original tumour that more radiation is not possible. As I am not a candidate for surgery, radiography ablation is the next step. I am refusing chemo at this point.

I'm more depressed this time, and I'm wondering if it's worth going through this as I'm at the advanced age of 76.
(I probably don't have a lot of years left anyway.) And, apparently, I have additional pre-cancerous cells in my lung, which may or may not stay dormant.

We just lost our beloved dog, Bear, last week ... so this adds to my depression. COVID sure doesn't help either.

Sorry ... just wanted to have a place to vent. I know other people are worse off than me.

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Runner Girl
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Hi Bear1‍ (Connie)

I'm sorry for the step backward. That in itself would send anyone into a depression, but losing Bear on top of this would make it even worse, and then there's the Covid factor. Do you have someone to talk to, share with? My sincere apologies on the passing of Bear.

Good luck with the PET scan next week.

Sending you a big HUG!

Runner Girl
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Connie, I am so sorry to hear about your latest results which are made even more depressing with the loss of Bear who was so important in your life. A loving pet is so precious.

I am sure that you have already accessed the emotional support which is available through your hospital and hope that there are others who lend their support to both you and your husband. We are the same age and understand that age is important when finding a way forward with treatment. Know that it is good to rant because it releases a bit of the pressure.

Lots of warm hugs.


Hello Bear1

Good to hear from you again. I too am sorry to hear of this new development. Only you know yourself best but I would see what they have to say after the PET scan and then weigh the pros and cons of their recommendations , supported of course with benefits vs risks. In my opinion, 76 is not old at all and I know many active seniors so to me it is just a number.

WIll be thinking of you as you do your PET scan. Let us know how you make out.

Take care
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