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Challenging Times
Wishing everyone well during these trying times....
  • How are you managing? What is helping?
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Hope is not cancelled. That's a big one for sure.

How am I managing? - Like most people my patience has been stretched to the limits, and there is a constant, well, roller coaster of motions that comes and goes.

Your list Lacey_Moderator‍ is certainly something I am going to copy out and refer to regularly. I do well with the visual references - so thank you for that! 👍 👌

What is helping? - I think being realistic and doing my best to remember all the I can's vs the I can'ts during all this. I try to break up the day, and on those days it's just too frustrating - I accept it and know tomorrow will hopefully be a better day. Being able to be outside more with spring is very helpful as well. Variety is something that helps cope as well. Simple stuff like hearing the birds and seeing the trees budding are good distractions. Another month (or more) getting the kayaks back in the water will help as well.

Its one day at a time, and we are still a ways away from resuming what is/was normal in our lives. I think we all just need to believe this could be worse than it is, and really appreciate what we can do - and that this will not be forever.

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Hi Lacey_Moderator‍ . Covid is not fun but I'm trying to go with the flow. I've been lucky enough to have an in person job so I have the human contact during the day. I've also been super lucky thst I havent caught anything being so close to kids who are unmasked. When the restrictions lift I go to the pool downstairs for swims. When they put the restrictions back I do my you tube workouts or walks. I meet friends for 'car dates' and the weekly zooms keep me going. I see my immediate family but very carefully. I wear a mask around them at all times and when I eat there I set up a tv tray at the other side of the living room so we don't come into contact. It's frustrating not being able to hug anyone. But hopefully things will improve with vaccinations and this won't last too much longer. I'm supposed to be getting my shot next week.
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cool - this is the same poem I have on my dashboard - we are now officially twins, I guess!! 😂

some days I am NOT managing and I feel like it is all too much....the cancer, the isolation, the going back to work, the PPE, the stalker, (yep---that is a whole other story!!!), the COVID...........

but then I talk with other folks either in person, (I am lucky to work in a health care setting, so I have an endless parade of folks to meet), or virtually and I realize I am really OK and coping/not coping like every other human on earth right now.

thankful for small things; universal health care, a sunny day, a homemade treat left in my mailbox from one of my neighbours, an extremely sassy and probably inappropriate meme sent by a friend, a slice of hot delicious pizza and a gin based beverage are all things that can turn my sad to glad

especially thankful to all the folks on this forum who have shared their stories and been vulnerable over the last year to help me get thru my COVID DIYCANCER gong show! I will never forget the many kindnesses shown to me

#support #grateful #COVIDCancer #DIYcancer

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I love your post but I have to leave a couple of comments. 1 - I am in St. John's, NL, where the sun has definitely been cancelled (presumably temporarily) and 2 - laughter has not been cancelled so I hope you enjoy my joke. They don't call St. John's Fog City for nothing!! :)
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Lacey_Moderator‍, I think someone pressed my “Fed Up” button in the last week. Lol. I find I am angry with the people and their conspiracy theories and the complete disregard for science and following public health advice. I am also saddened by the selfish behaviour of many who can’t see beyond their own wants. I am frustrated with the government and their handling of the pandemic and the slow vaccine rollout. Just like when I was going through my cancer treatment, I just want to be done with this.

I am also grateful - grateful I have a roof over my head, food on the table, a steady income and that my family is healthy and safe. I am also grateful for a health care system that hasn’t failed me despite it’s challenges at the moment.

I am hopeful we will get through this and I continue to find joy every day. Covid has certainly provided time for a lot of self reflection and an understanding of what’s important. I do know I will be doing a lot of hugging when this is all done.

Cynthia Mac
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PeggyNL‍ , I heard about your foggy week! Has the sun not come out yet?

JustJan‍ , I, too, am fed up with people who can’t read a freaking arrow on a floor!
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Lacey_Moderator‍ Hello
Luv this List! Going on my dashboard too!
Well......walking basically what keeps me "sane".......the freedom....the scent of nature....the getting out-of-house-syndrome.....just moving arms and legs....
Grateful....for......our health...... (terrified of recurrence......like every day).


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I live in StJohn'sNL as well, boy, I am very happy laughter has not been cancelled. Still looking forward to the sun coming back soon, with lots more to laugh about. I have NSCL cancer, Stage 4. Been on a lot of different treatments, now, back to chemo. Three and half years later, life, despite it's challenges is still good. Never smoked or toked and winds up with lung cancer.

My cousin had breast cancer, mets to bone and on same regimen as you.

I tried to find local support groups when this cancer journey started in St.John's, but found none, so am very grateful for this site, and another one Team Inspire that is for lung cancer.

Good luck to all of us that travel this road, optimism, positive thinking, friendships, the love of my one grandbaby, and my cat Dijon, none has been cancelled.

Dianne (Dauntless)

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Cynthia Mac Fog has lifted thankfully, but now we have freezing rain. Still, real spring is coming and the snow has gone. <3
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Hi Lacey_Moderator‍,

We made it through the winter we were all dreading and the early sunshine and warmer weather (at least here in Ontario) have been rejuvenating. Having to deal with COVID and cancer together has been overwhelming at times. Sometimes it helps to just tune out one or the other for a while - stop watching the news or researching Internet sites. It is strange to have spent a year in treatment and never seen the faces of all those people who have been part of the process.

My physical world has has gotten much smaller and I worry sometimes that I am getting too comfortable with that. On the other hand, the world of Zoom has opened the door to new ways to meet friends and learn new things. I am grateful that I am retired, and don’t have to worry about losing a business or educating my children. But I am sad that all our plans for travel and enjoying that retirement are passing us by.

I think the strangest thing for me is viewing other people as “The Enemy”. Others have talked about them - the people who don’t distance, who won’t wear masks or wear them incorrectly, the people who refuse the vaccine, the people who flaunt the rules. I want to return to a world where we walk towards people instead of backing away from them.

So what helps? All those things on the list - especially hope and laughter and sunshine and finding those moments that just feel normal.
Thank you all who shared ACH2015‍, Dauntless‍, Cynthia Mac‍, Littlebeth‍, PeggyNL‍, Whitelilies‍, JustJan‍, supersu‍, Brighty
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