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Trouble falling asleep, fear of tomorrow.
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Recently I have had troubles falling asleep before 3-4 am. I worry myself into what tomorrow holds. Will it be worse, will it be better, will it be there at all? I have always told people "If I get to tomorrow I must be doing something right".
I don't think it is a fear of dying, I have accepted my mortality. I think it is my ever changing symptoms along with the waiting game for scans. The not knowing how much pain I will be in when I wake up. What will I not be able to do tomorrow that I can do today?
Most mornings are great once I motivate and start with my daily routine, but even on the good days I notice differences. They either get better over time or become part of who I am now.
Before I ramble on too much I am just seeking advice on how to fall asleep easier. (Do not want to take sleeping pills or I sleep way too long). Meditation, teas, foods, change routine? I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this and what they did to make it even a little easier.
Take care
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Sorry to hear that you have trouble sleeping. The nights can be long and lack of sleep effects how the day goes.

When I cannot sleep and my mind is racing I have three solutions which are
1. I use mindfulness and deep breathing 2. I use Nidra yoga which I follow on utube. 3. There are various sites on line such as Get Sleepy where a very descriptive story is read by a calming voice. The theory being that you concentrate on eg. the storyteller’s description of a country walk and your mind stops racing. It works for me.

My doctor also suggested melatonin but you may want to ask your doctor first.

I am only awake now at 2am because I got vaccinated yesterday and my arm hurts. Still glad that I got the jab though!

Best wishes with the scans and your treatments.

Runner Girl
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NormRay‍ ,

I'm sorry your mind is busy and keeping you awake.

For myself, I take melatonin before bed to get to sleep. I also have a box, in my mind, that I place troublesome thoughts into for safe keeping for the night. As I cannot act on them during the night and their keeping me awake makes for a very poor next day I need to put them aside till the morning.

I hope you get some good ideas here to try and that you can find your way to a good night's sleep.

Runner Girl
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I am sorry you are experiencing anxiety and insomnia. Waiting and all the unknowns of cancer are challenging.

In addition to the helpful suggestions by Runner Girl‍ and MCoaster‍, below is a link to Jon Kabat-Zinn’s body scan meditation. This puts me to sleep if I listen to it at night.


His Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction meditations and books are very helpful for fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

I hope you have relief from your insomnia soon.
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Thank you for the ideas Runner Girl‍ , S2020‍ , MCoaster‍ , I will try them all. Cuddling with my dog dosen't work every night. It might take some time but I am hopeful I will find something that works.
Take care
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NormRay‍ I know exactly what you’re going through but for me it’s the other way around I fall asleep right away but after 4 hours of sleep I stare into the darkness for hours or I go back to sleep and wake up every half hour or so. Don’t know if it will work for you but a naturopath gave me an easy solution to try before I go to bed and here it is if you want to try it. I bought pure organic coconut oil which is a carrier oil and and pure lavender essential oil, you have to buy your essential oil from a reputable company to make sure you’re buying an oil that was not diluted with something else and that it does not contain harmful chemical. You just mix 10 drops of coconut oil with 5 drops of lavender oil and rub some of that mixture above your lip under your nose but without touching your lip and also rub some under your feet. I am not going to tell you that it works every night because I do get the odd night when it does not work for one reason or another but when it does work I feel so much better the next day and even on the nights it doesn’t work and that I do wake up I am not as restless and always go back to sleep! Hope you give it a try and that it will work for you.WARNING ⚠️ though before you use any essential oil make sure you are not allergic to the product just do a test by rubbing just a little bit of it on a spot on the inside of your forearm and wait 24 hours to see if you have a reaction to the oil!! Happy Easter!!
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Know exactly how you feel Norm. My fear of every pain being a recurrence is almost daily. My one year scan for lung cancer is in one week and my anxiety is at the max !
I started a stress reduction program that is free on line and very good. S2020 mentions Kabat-Zinn on you tube and meditation. Look up Palouse Mindfulness and it is the whole program and all free. Some of the meditation is only 20 min. and up to 35 min.
The total program is 8 weeks and you can go at your own pace. You start doing meditations right away. I am in week 7 and it has taken me 14 weeks to get this far. I found some work better than others so depending on my stress level I pick one no later than an hour before bed.
If you try it let me know what you think. The more input and experience I can get helps me.
Good luck and sweet dreams
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