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Reconstruction on radiated breast
I’ve had a bilateral Mesectomy and the radiated breast tissue isn’t responding well to the tissue expanders.

my plastic surgeon is going to send me to a specialist to consider adding skin to the area in order to be able to add the most flattering implant size to the breast.
I really don’t want any more scars and I am doubting even having implants. I am cancer free and that is the most important thing. However I don’t want to feel the cancer is taken away who I am and part of that is my breast.
I know the the flap system comes with other complications and scars. Just need some insight into this.

I know that when you are under 40 they do a Mesectomy by going underneath the breast. That makes it more natural when one gets implants. It is because the scar is underneath the breast and can be hidden and you can sometimes save the nipple.

I didn’t know this until after I had my bilateral Mesectomy and If I had have this information; for the non-cancer breast I would have requested this.

so I’m asking this question to anyone who has had to add skin to the radiated breast so it can support the implant better if they are happy with the results and if not do they have any insight.
I honestly just want to get on with my life and Walk in the light that I am cancer free.
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