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Scan anxiety
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I hope I am doing this right. I have replied in discussions, but never started a comment in here. I am usually quite calm with my cancer, but next week is my scan to see if it has grown and even though I am feeling fairly well, the anxiety gets me and makes me sick everytime. I know others have discussed this. How do you stay positive and relaxed when waiting for results? Thanks Sher49
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Sher49‍ Good job on starting your first discussion. As for scanxiety, the fact that there is a term for that should tell you something. We have all been there at some time or other and I don't know how frequently the word relaxed is used. Having said that, there are techniques that people use to try and lessen the impact of the feeling.

I tell myself that everything is okay until proven otherwise. Others use meditation or exercise to release some of the negative energy. Exercise is also a form of distraction. If there is something you like to do, do it to distract yourself. I have heard others say that the clean. Personally I have been distressed but I have never had the urge to clean. It's unfortunate because I would at least be productive.

Talk to people who have been through what you are going through so it's great that you reached out. I like to write when I am stressed. It gets my feelings on paper or computer screen.

I hope some of these suggestions help. We are with you. And if you feel like sharing, please post here what your results are and how you're doing.

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one of our members, WestCoastSailor‍ , has done a FANTASTIC video on this subject: scanxiety

I will link to it here:

it is so so beautiful and really captures the chaos of cancer: waiting, scanxiety & all the rest with such vulnerability--I watch this often!

let us know how things turn out
supersu‍ It is a great video isn't it?

Some days when you are struggling, people come along and say the nicest things. The experience has been good and makes use of a pretty interesting set of skills that I have for an old guy. I would like to do more of this and with this kind of encouragement I suspect it will happen.

I should mention here too that Wellspring Calgary in conjunction with Mike Lang are doing a monthly digital story telling festival via zoom. Spaces are going fast but there were a few left when I registered. https://wel.gametime.net/cne/public/list
And look for digital story telling event on February 25 and March 25.
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Kudos on the video. I am just starting my chemotherapy in March, so although not scan anxiety the uncertainty of how I will react to chemo is at the fore front.
I used to sail a Sunfish when I lived in Saudi Arabia (we lived very near the eastern coast) and your comment that “you cannot control the wind, only adjust the sails” really resonated with me. It is such a great perspective and helped me “adjust” my mindset. Thanks for the inspiration.
Keep safe.
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Sher49‍ first, congratulations on successfully navigating your first post. Well done.

Scanxiety is a real thing, at least it is for me. I was diagnosed in 2019 with two primary cancers, breast and ovarian. It seems I am always being scanned or tested for one of them. Like cancertakesflight‍ I try to tell myself that the results of my tests are out of my control and that there is no point in worry about something that unknown. It is
easier said than done. I do try to keep myself busy with my hobbies or cleaning and organizing (lol). I also have a prescription from my doctor for lorazepam. I usually take 1 at bedtime the night before a scan/test if I am feeling quite anxious. I always take one at bedtime the night before I am to
get the results. This helps me get a good nights sleep so I can handle whatever the results might be.

Whatever the results, know that we are all here to support you.
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I see it as being so grateful though having been diagnosed with " advanced c "What scans & test other than invasive Bronchioscopy Biopsy are available to determine cancer in the lungs 🫁
B Grateful to ask if there are choices now , that a scan for this is available 😃 Then compared to doing nothing , left to die 😢.Or a lung surgery , though I have known of 2 pple that had a lung removed one still worked & had family both living in the city .
Be grateful bc some children have Cystic Fibrosous having to be pounded on their back by Physio cupping to loosen stuff inside their lung tissues cells damaged daily to breath through constant congestion . Or suffer Asthma attacks breathing becomes scarey with coughing spasms & of mucoid plugs very tiring 😰blue lips common sign of hypoxia or skin pinch to check O2obstruction .
Having to use , parents carry a portable machine to ease breathing & hand pump to measure their breathing every day . That's no fun for a teen youths who needs to be active ❗️Thinking u r immune to becoming diseased ?
This gets real for some youth do not know ? If lungs 🫁 lose their elasticity , to function but stiff & heavier ❗️ 😳You can see on autopsies only....I am so sorry no hope unless lifestyle drastic change made and avoidance of any form of exposure to toxic smoke . To turn it around before it worsens hike 🚣‍♂️sea level or bike 🚴🚵🏾‍♀️ or 🏊‍♀️ swim or sing or ride a horse 🏇🏼.Or bow and arrow 🏹 Try chin ups , gentle hills or stairs ways or scale a indoor rec wall 🧗🏻‍♂️location to test your lung 🫁 strength or make one for your yard Climb a tree even ❗️😛
Chemicals , asbetos interiors ceiling old rec room panels or on exteriors shingles in or on houses should not be handled unless professionally Did u know, electrical lighting wirering ha asbestos insulation ❗️
That from building fires , Firemen know damaged their lungs .
Then there r those adults , I knew miss those friends whose distant family saw then only in hospital Myself being a friend reaching out to me and I did too witness advocate for them at their bedside or midst of being treated upset . Who can easily get confused wanting to live instead U will never forget that . But while they suffered to talk & breathe with a family decision to quickly put then down in ICU unconscious . Just with COPD a terminal diagnosis quickens near the end . Not to be able to breathe oxygenated air ❗️Hard to still move , get up out of bed or walk about or talk or eat . A very more strained life & who only live 3 years . /
Another person in order to live has been getting alternate treatments at home shut in but married , moved to space of less work maintenance . But spouse still smoked has pulmonary heart 💜 disease .
And has coped avoiding certain aspects of harm to lung tissues but to keep healthy since ! Able to manage just live with this avoiding crowds , environmental pollutants and even fall wind being outside in cold temps. Now more being health wise. 🏋️‍♂️Especially those undergoing radiation ☢️ in awareness with cancer .
'It helps for those of all us to know & be better educated, how healthy lungs work & tissues renew , Eg every 4 mths lung 🫁 tissue renews , or maybe with Apps or infomercials of news in advancements . ' //
I had gotten involved as a Parent with both the Asthma and Lung Association in public booths at rec Centre events locations or even like outdoor / indoor food markets .And those represented by the cross section of population as this video . With COVId especially pple. want to know how healthy lungs function & signs + tips now. There must be someone in the Special Olympics competition ❓💪
If possible, having an Lung Education booth alongside at Cannibis or Music festivals . The education with help solutions programs as your hospital or doc for as patches to gradually cease smoking / vaping . Bigger Picture happening fast ; And going electric vehicles , with charging stations campaigns like Tesla etc many now buying here .
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I know it can be a time of great stress with the unknown, but like some have said, all's good until proven otherwise. I too, like many others have scanxiety. I think sometimes that it's worse not knowing because we tend to think of the worse case scenario. Once the results are back, hopefully not as bad as we thought. I tell myself that there are many others worse off than I am and I still have options. Hopefully you will have a positive result and can take a deep breathe and say, wow, could have been much worse! The other thing I do is exercise, even if only a bit each day. It releases endorphins and they make you feel better. Whatever works for you to get some positive feelings, keep doing it, you will feel better. Best of luck!
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