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It's okay to not be okay sometimes

What are your thoughts?
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cancertakesflight‍  Debbie.    Thank you for sharing this.   It will be a huge help to people.    Society and the media put a ton of pressure on people  to feel happy at all times.   That is just not possible.    People sometimes  think showing their true feelings  is a sign of weakness.   Not true.    So people put on a mask for others.  I know I did it.   I went to work and everyone thought I was so strong.     I put on a mask  with my happy face.    Pretended to be ok.  Didn't want to burden others with 'the cancer saga'  Got in the car and balled my eyes out.    Life is full of ups and downs for everyone.     We all need a place to share our true feelings and our real selves.   It just so happened that  this site was where I could pour my heart out.     I could let myself feel my real feelings and not feel so alone.   Your post will help others know its ok not to always  be ok.     And it will let people  know they are not alone.  Here, we truly get it.   
I thought I would add another image that I also think is so applicable.

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"The Mountain" Such an easy read with a good lookout for life.
Yes we are human and it is human to have feelings. Pent-up feelings leads to unheathy results.
I hope many people look at these and paste them on thier wall or at least in thier mind.

I've started a new thread labelled Inspiration Quotations. I'm going to move these posts over there. Lacey has arranged for them to be kept at the top so people have a post that is easy to find when they need some motivation.


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I’m new to this site. The emotional roller coaster surprised me. I have had two surgeries, radiation, and will start therapy soon. The emotional ups and downs are some of the hardest part of this journey. Not sure how to navigate this part. The emotions creep up and surprise me, often without warning. I want to stay positive and this is a real battle to do. Any advice?
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Hmac‍ yeah, they don't warn you about the emotional stuff. And they'd rather not ask about it either. i've found i've had to jump up and down and scream at people for them to realize something is wrong.
Finally, 6 months in, after yelling at my husband's chemo nurse, psychiatrist and social worker, they assigned a counselor to talk to him, who is the "actual patient" and also myself. - guess that's what screaming at people does, tells them your spouse isn't the only one having "issues" ;-)

talk to your care team, they should have a social worker who can set up counseling for you. there is also wellspring. they offer counseling, but i think it's an in person thing, that has been put on hold during this pesky pandemic.
Absolutely, the social worker thru my chemo clinic has been wonderful to open up to and she gave me this link and others to connect with. I have found even though I have a great support network, I still needed to connect with others going thru it. 
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Thanks for the practical suggestions and places to start looking for help. 
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