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Checking in

Checking in

Posted by Tiger Lily on Aug 13, 2019 12:18 pm

Dear Cynthia Mac‍ - how is your Dad doing?  I am hoping that he is feeling okay, and that you are also doing alright....much more easily said than done, I know.   I haven't seen any update but I may have missed it, as I find it awkward to stay up to date with posts on this site using my phone.  I'm hoping that things are stable, or even better than stable!

Re: Checking in

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Aug 13, 2019 5:17 pm

Hi, Karen, Tiger Lily‍ , thanks so much for asking.

Dad’s doing OK. He had his second chemo last Wednesday, and the day before he saw a substitute oncologist. I never even thought to ask at that appointment if they’d set up his home care (they hadn’t), so Friday night Dad called me and asked if he could take out his IV. 


So, he came in to my place Saturday morning and ran up to the hospital and had the triage nurse at emerge take it out. 

He’s complaining of soft tissue problems - sore eyes, runny nose - but hasn’t complained about mouth sores, so that’s good. He also said he had a bit of energy today and was doing some things around the house. Oh, yes, and they did a bone scan last Thursday. We haven’t heard anything about that as yet.

My “angels” have been around - I was out to dinner with a good friend last night and this afternoon I had a girlfriend over and did a little bit of cross stitch. 

How are things going in your world today?

Re: Checking in

Posted by Tiger Lily on Aug 13, 2019 6:11 pm

Sounds like he is doing pretty well - I am so glad.  I have been thinking of both of you. And I am especially happy to hear that your "Angels" are there for you - a change of scenery or conversation is great, isn't it?Glad that you are taking your own advice!!

We are okay - my husband spoke to his sister in Europe today - she gave him a big pep talk about staying strong and eating etc. and that seemed to do him good. I am contemplating registering for an appointment with one of those remote "second opinion" hospitals, which review all your medical records and give you an opinion re a treatment.  I have no doubt that the diagnosis is correct, but I do wonder if there might be an alternative treatment plan to consider.  As you can see I fluctuate between:
1. Accept the inevitable and make the best of it, and
2. Don't give up! There may be a treatment out there to help him.
Might be easier to go with #1, but I am not so inclined - yet.
Take care - know you are in my thoughts,

Re: Checking in

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Aug 14, 2019 8:01 am

Tiger Lily‍ , There’s nothing like a pep talk from a strong European woman to make a man sit up and take notice, eh! 😃 (And, sometimes, it’s just having him hear it from someone who isn’t you — second opinion, anyone?)

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to look into a second opinion. It could come back the same as the first opinion, and, if it comes back different, at that point you and your husband can weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the alternate proposal. 

I’m thinking of you two, as well.