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Another dip in the road

Re: Another dip in the road

Posted by Jlo on May 16, 2019 3:41 pm

Great news Runner Girl. I have followed your journey and admired your strength.  So glad you still have your job.  New doors will open for you and you will find someone who truly cares and understands.  

jlo (Joan)


Re: Another dip in the road

Posted by Cynthia Mac on May 16, 2019 4:46 pm

Runner Girl‍ , of COURSE you have a push mower — you also run! Oh, I’m laughing so hard right now! (‘cause I’m so not that.)

I DID get my lawn mowed today, and was shocked to see that I hadn’t run the gas out of it last fall. I turned the air blue - not just from needing about 5 tries to start it with old gas, but also because the old gas had something to release. 

I don’t think it’s been the actual task that’s stolen my gardening mojo - I think it’s been more about the weather. I did get a couple other bits done while I was out there - put in the peony rings, seeded a few sparse patches of the lawn. I hope that if we get a couple of nice days in a row, I might even get some annuals and get them in the ground!

Re: Another dip in the road

Posted by Dolphin on May 17, 2019 7:41 pm

Dear  Runner Girl

I wonder how you are doing? Day by day.... as i am sure you know so well. Good news about your work.
I read your posts often and get much inspiration and strength from them. You  can do this, even though it might be very hard.
The person I had been involved with for two years  cheated on me and lied about it, and couldn't even face me-to end it- I had to be a detective and ask skillful questions, as he ended it on a phone call.... it came kind of out of the blue, though, intuition told me much.....something I ignored, as my mother was dying and my focus was with her.
I am still working through my feelings around this...though I wish I could say I was completely free of it and have completely moved on, and arrived a full forgiveness.....This was back in July .  Ah well, I  do still have a sense of humour....Day by day, little steps, and trusting myself now always.

This is about you though, not me.  The reason I share some of my  story, besides some loose parallels, is that I feel when we go through really tough times in our life- it affects others who are close to us, of course, and we really find out about who people are- and what they are capable of or not, for better or worse- not that it makes it any easier. We also find out about ourselves . This happened when you are very vulnerable . I am sorry this happened to you. Spring is here, a time of new growth and beginnings. As others here wisely say- one door closes and a new door opens.....
Thanks for sharing what you have been going through. 
Keep us posted on how you are doing.