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Not without a fight!

Not without a fight!

Posted by ZeroGravity60 on Mar 13, 2019 2:31 am

As mentioned in a previous post I have cancer in the lining of my colon and almost 4 months ago, it was already spreading in my kidneys. After diagnosis I never followed through on the additional tests designed to stage my cancer. I honestly don't know what stage it was then, or what stage it is now.

I chose to skip regular treatment. The fight I'm talking about is the one we all share, the battle for our mind. Your mind is ruled by your beliefs but even more so by your emotions. Science has proven emotions have the power to override logic and belief. Most living with or around cancer live in emotional chains, unable to rid ourselves of the reality of what history has led us to believe a cancer diagnosis means. This paralyzing focus generates within us negative feelings and emotions that increase yet again our overall anxiety.

We want to live, our loved ones want us to live, but we need better cures. Realizing the medicine is not yet fully there often gives way to believing all cancer is a death sentence. This is not true! While it's true some cancers still have poor survival rates, overall survival rates in Canada are at there highest levels ever. Cancer is no longer a guaranteed death sentence. How does this truth make you feel?

How we view our situation has direct effect on how we feel inside. How we feel inside has direct effect on how our minds and bodies function. In truth if you're not in the present moment mentally relaxing, then your mind is speeding up. It's always going to be one or the other, relaxing or speeding up. By focusing preferably meditating on mentally relaxing, you limit the effect of negative emotions and release built up anxiety.

The doctors are responsible for healing your body but you're the only one who can protect your mind. Understand that cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence.Safely release your emotions and when ready, realize only you can win the battle of your mind. Only you can take the stand up position and hold the attitude, "Not without a fight!"


Writing / sharing is one of the ways I deal with my condition. I pray sharing my thoughts help you as much as it helps me. Thanks for listening.

Peace, love, mercy and healing to us all.😉       

Re: Not without a fight!

Posted by mycrazyjourney on Apr 17, 2019 8:04 pm

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us all. A positive attitude is key to running this race, one step at a time. All the best to you.