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Why Did I Get Cancer? My New Poem
Why did I get cancer?
There seems to be no reason why
Everyday I ask "why me"
Even physicians don't know why
Genetics? I ask
Something I ate or beverage I drank
Perhaps it's the hair dye?
No one can answer me
So in the end I must accept this path
I am now on 
And let my faith in God above guide me a long
Perhaps there is no answer
To this question, "Why did I get cancer?"
But, FAITH, TRUST, HOPE & LOVE are the only real answer

I wrote this poem while walking down to the mail box the other day.   This question still haunts me.

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Dear scardy squirrel. Thank you for the poem you did a great job. Wish there was some magic answer to your question. Even if you get a (cancer free diagnosis) if that is even possible you really don't trust it you really want to but cancer can rear its ugly head at anytime you just live in the moment and try to make those moments the best you can. I have a follow up Oncologist meeting on April 13th. Not sure what can be said or done there. Do they send you for tests to see if they caught it on time or are you left wondering again (do I still have cancer.) that I the question and is there anyway to find out". Always THAT question. I guess you should just go on living pretending there is nothing wrong with you and if you are very lucky
Glad you liked my poem.  Yes, I am wondering that myself.  I guess I am kind of hoping and thnking this is going to kick it out of me!  Not sure how one can tell.  I do know two of my best friends who have battled cancer - one a couple of times - are still here and they had their treatments a few years ago.  I keep them in mind when I think about my own situation.  Good luck with your appointment.  Keep me posted.  
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