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A driver's surprise
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I recommend that all who have had any treatments to their noggins and drive read the following.  It caught me off guard. 

I had my last Whole Brain Radiation treatment for NSLC brain mets today, and met with the radiation oncologist to discuss any symptoms.  I have been asymptomatic for four plus years.  What I learned knocked me for a loop.  My Oncologist warned me that my driver’s insurance could be impacted.  Although I have driven for 37 years, have taken performance driving courses, taught racing drivers, raced myself and generally am in great shape, The risk is too great as any accident, wether I am "at fault driver" or not, might leave my assets at risk.  Read on...


I did a little research when I got home and read the following from the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada.


“Alternatively, a health care provider may choose to only advise a patient to no longer drive, rather than contact their province’s motor vehicle regulatory body and recommend the patient’s license be suspended. When this circumstance arises, it’s important to know that automobile insurance policies may not cover accident costs for drivers who have simply been advised not to drive due to a medical condition.”


The full article is here… 


While there are some imprecise measurements involved in an assessment of driver ability, it would seem that a simple warning from a healthcare professional of a potential impairment may be sufficient to affect liability.  The “may” is too much risk for us, so this means I shall not drive until a professional provides a statement which proclaims my fitness to drive.  In reality the CNS team aught to have told me this 4 years ago.


This is a huge problem for me as we live in rural Ontario, and have a 50 km drive to and from the hospital where my oncology team is.  Solution is trains and allowing for MUCH more travel time.  The upside is I have a 10 km walk per visit to catch the train and I love walking (just not in winter and rain).  Oh well, another chapter in the book.

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Wow! What a shock that must be! I love driving and this would be a huge loss for me. I'm impressed with how philosophically you are taking it. Do you really love walking that much? Hopefully you have some friends and neighbours who can drive you to the station in bad weather.
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Walking is one of my favourite activities.  In good weather I take my dog for 10-15 km walks through the trails that connect to the Bruce trail.  It is great exercise and he loves it.  He is a Bernese Mountain Dog and always happy to walk.


As for me I walk everywhere and climb stairs before ever using an escalator.  Have walked up all 18 floors of Princess Margaret Hospital to the eye clinic, and got in trouble for walking up Mount Sinai stairs to the 16th  floor for an Echo Cardio Test as they needed my heart calm for the test and it was a little elevated.  Had to sit and calm down.


When I was working I often traveled to the US and overseas.  I would walk hours a day in all cities and would set goals to accomplish per visit.  When in Austria I set a 100km goal for the week I was there.  I only made it to 85km.  Still, I was regarded as nuts, but have 100's of pictures of the amazing city of Vienna.  In airports I would walk the halls rather than sit at the gate.  Would set a goal and use either my phone or Fitbit to record.


I haven't done quite so much recently, but still walk any staircase rather than the elevator or escalator.  Just a philosophical thing. Kinda free exercise.  I park(ed) at cheep parking downtown and hike to the hospital.  I rarely say “I can’t do that”.  I truly believe that we can accomplish anything we set out minds to.  Some things may be incredibly difficult, but a “never give up attitude” with accomplishing things creates a positive feeling and makes me smile internally and externally.  I have a mission to cycle at an average speed of 30 kph around  30km loop in Halton hills.  I have gotten my time down to 1hr14, but have to get my speed up the hills a little faster.  This year I'll do it...  

And yes I have lots of great support.
Just do it!

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Dear Rabbit- Wonderful. Keep moving! I used to also prefer to walk everywhere, took stairs, was very strong for my size and took advantage of it. 
Unfortunately now I have issues with my back and legs which inhibits me tremendously.I am envious. The thing I miss the most in my life is being more capable and strong. I do the best I can, but must avoid stairs over elevators,  take short walks, and sit down a lot, if I want to get comfortably through my day. Consequently I often overdo it. I look forward to Spring as it's easier to get around.
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