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Vulva cancer
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Would like to talk with someone experiencing Vulva Cancer.
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Hi @Ressa70

There are several ways to find and communicate with others in a similar situation here.

1 - Click on Forums, then click on Cancer Types, then click on Gynecologic. All the threads of that type will appear. My suggestion is to start a new post there so it is seen by any members that post and look there.

2 - Click on Members, then click on Search Members. Under Search options, click on Cancer Information - Cancer Type and choose Vulvar. Any members that have listed this cancer will appear.

I am going to tag some of these recent members for you. @LULUS @Nature1961 @Murdawg @Tangyone @Lyndy1 @Naomi-Jane and @IamJay.

Hopefully they will reach out to you and your post. To tag a member, type in the @sign and immediately start typing their name. The name or a list of names will appear. Click on the one you want to tag and you know it worked when it turns blue on your screen.

Hope this helps you.


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Hi @Ressa70

I have been dealing with vulvar/vaginal malignant melanoma since 2007….are there there specific things you'd like to talk about. Feel free to send your questions my way.


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