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Cancer in the omentum
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I had uterine cancer stage 4b about three years ago. At that time when they did the full hysterectomy, the oncologist took out some of the omentum. In the last few weeks, I have been diagnosed with more cancer in the omentum. I'm wondering if anyone has any information on this type of cancer.



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No simple way to answer your question. After looking up information I found this"

The omentum is a large fatty structure which hangs off the middle of your colon and drapes over the intestines inside the abdomen. Sometimes ovarian cancer spreads to the omentum.

Complete surgical excision offers the best chance of cure. The role of adjuvant therapy in the management of malignant omental tumors is uncertain. Because of the rarity of these lesions, the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy has not been established.

What is interesting here, is the reference in many searches of omentum cancer related to ovarian cancer.

Your oncologist is the best source of information for you. Ask for them to explain your treatment plan, and if interested, how, why and from where the cancer spread further to the omentum.

Rare cancers are challenging to understand. I was diagnosed with one myself (Stage IV Unknown Primary Cancer) back in 2016, had a recurrence, and am under lifetime surveillance.

I hope the information helps you.

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