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Endometrial adenocarcinoma
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Hello, my name is Mattie, I was recently diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma stage 1, I don’t know what to think, I’m only 24 years old, I haven’t told my family yet, we just lost my father from cancer not to long ago, I’m having a hard time with telling my mom, I’m just wondering, what to expect? I don’t feel sick, my daily life is normal, will I need a full hysterectomy? Is that the best option? Please help.
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@Mattielab Hi Mattie and welcome to our caring community! I am sorry for what brings you here; but we will support you!

I am sorry, for the recent loss of your father…….

Telling Mom - at your own pace…..In my heart, I believe she will want to know AND support you too!

I will include the link below for Uterine Cancer; have a look…read through……it will be helpful.

May I assume with your diagnosis, you have seen a Dr/specialist….and they gave you the diagnosis. Is there a follow up appt? Perhaps at the next appt, you will be told of next steps.

Waiting for this is challenging! We all wait! For next steps…for tests….for results…etc……We understand….TRY to keep busy; get outdoors…walk in the sunshine.

Re-Hysterectomy……we are not doctors (good thing I am not !!)….kindly write down this/all your questions….ask your Dr….they are skilled and will share information with you. (So glad you shared you dont feel sick; GLAD they caught it early).

We are going to support you, every step of the way!

Keep sharing here….
Welcome Mattie !!



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@Mattielab Hi Mattie

Here is another helpful link: They support ages 18-30 as their special age group!! Reach out, when you feel comfortable….


(Young Adult Cancer Canada)

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@Mattielab. Hi and welcome to our site. I am a Stage 4 Serous Uterine cancer survivor, 5 years in remission. After I received the diagnosis from my biopsy which was done by the local gynecologist, I was sent to a gynecologist oncologist who set up my surgery. Early stage uterine cancers often require no further treatment than surgery, but sometimes some radiation is given as a precaution. In your case, as you are very young, the oncologists may have a very different treatment plan for you. Rest assured that the plan offered is reviewed by a panel of oncologists. You will be monitored closely after your treatment is finished. I suggest you tell your mom soon as she may suspect something is going on. She will want to be there for you, and needs you as well since you have recently lost your dad. The Canadian Cancer offers Peer Support at 1-800-939-3333. I wish you the best in your treatment. Your cancer centre will offer you counselling as well if you feel you need it. If I can answer any more questions, please let me know. Joan

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