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Wait time between diagnosis and surgery

Wait time between diagnosis and surgery

Posted by Jiankang on Feb 11, 2019 2:18 pm

Hi everyone, Just want to ask what everyone’s experience like for the wait time between diagnosis and surgery date. We are in Vancouver area. My mom is 63 and she’s diagnosed with grade 3 endometrial cancer. She started to have post menopause bleeding from July/August 2018 but she didn’t pay much attention to it. She went to see the doctor in December. She did the first biopsy on December 18, 2018 but only until now that it’s confirmed that it’s grade 3 cancer (she did 2 biopsies and a D&C). Her file was probably just transferred to Bc cancer either today or last Friday (Feb 8, 2019). We haven’t talked to an oncologist yet and I guess we only know the staging after surgery. The waiting and the unknown is really tough....i understand each case would be different, so it’s probably hard to say for her particular case. But if anyone can share some of your own experience and time line, i’d really appreciate! Thank you so much! Jojo

Re: Wait time between diagnosis and surgery

Posted by Elsie13 on Feb 11, 2019 5:13 pm

Hi Jiankang‍ Sorry about your mom's illness. 
  In July 2016, I thought I had Irritable bowel. I asked the doctor and she ordered an ultrasound which happened late Aug. 2016.  They reported large ovarian cysts. Over the next couple of months I had another ultrasound and 2 CT scans.  I had a complete hysterectomy in Nov. 2016.  It seemed like a long wait time for surgery!  They told me that night that it was cancer. 
A month later I got the official news from the pathology, they had found ovarian cancer, stage 2.  I had 6 sessions of chemo and 25 sessions of radiation.  I was told there was a 40% chance of the cancer coming back.  Some of the cancer was clear cell, which is a very stubborn cancer.  My blood tests show No Evidence of Disease.
  Maybe Ttjia‍ , Birdwoman‍ and Jlo‍ can talk about endometrial cancer. 

Re: Wait time between diagnosis and surgery

Posted by Jiankang on Feb 11, 2019 5:32 pm

Hi Elsie13,
thank you so much for sharing your experience!

Re: Wait time between diagnosis and surgery

Posted by Ttjia on Feb 11, 2019 6:50 pm

Hi Juankang, I totally understand what you are going through I was diagnosed with endrometrial cancer ln Sept 2016 I had to wait for surgery till November 28, in that time period  I had to first wait for an appt for biopsy I know it wasn't that long but it seemed to take forever after that I had to wait for a catscan that had to be done no later than 2 weeks before operation tottally worried I would not get in on time I finally got the notice and it would just make it. This will be very hard waiting always worrying your mom's cancer would be getting  worse there is nothing you can do you just have to wait it is part ordeal. I had. Total hysterectomy I didn't find the operation that bad I was in 2 nights had a horizontal insision. I found the staff very friendly and my doctor one of the best he had a great beside manner and made you feel like he cared my operation for that cancer was a success I my case they found another unexpected cancer in the tissue they collected clear cell a rare and aggressive form of cancer I had radiation for this form and so far so good. You will find it seems like you are always waiting then all of a sudden it is here and overwith I hope your moms endrometrial cancer treatment goes as well. All the best to both of you. 

Re: Wait time between diagnosis and surgery

Posted by Jlo on Feb 11, 2019 11:50 pm

Hi JianKang

Dear JianKang:  So sorry to hear of your mom's diagnosis.  I live  in Langley, BC. so not far away.

i got my diagnosis on May 10, 2017 and had my hysterectomy on May 26h.  I had been experiencing some light spotting.  My surgery was at VGH and the oncologist at the B.C. cancer agency was so nice as well as the group of surgeons that did my surgery.  I waited about 10 days after diagnosis and then I started pestering my gynocologist here in Langley.  I saw the oncologist in Vancouver on May 24th and was lucky to get a cancellation.  I was Stage IV.  My cancer had spread to my ovaries and my omentum.  About a month after surgery  I saw an oncologist in Surrey and started 6 rounds of chemo (taxol/carboplatin).  I did not need radiation.  I am doing well and was told that remission was achievable.  On Octoer 2017 I had an MRI and it stated no evidence of disease.  I have been doing a lot of accupuncture to aid in my recoovery.  

my problem was getting a biopsy as it was cancelled twice at our local hospital due to other emergencies.  

Best wishes  and I hope that your mom gets treated soon.  I tried to keep busy while I was waiting and learned meditation which was very helpful, as the waiting is difficult.  

Re: Wait time between diagnosis and surgery

Posted by Jiankang on Feb 12, 2019 12:07 am

Hi  Jlo and Ttjia ,
I really appreciate your help! 
Honestly I think I am more worried than she is.....
It is really helpful to talk to someone who had similar experience. 
Thank you so much!