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Nodular Melanoma/Ridiculous wait times
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My husband has nodular melanoma diagnosed April 4/22. The doctor told him they would do a WLE and Sentinal Node within a week or two. It didn't happen until May 18/22. He has cancer in two of four lymph nodes. We are now 5 weeks past that date and was just given his CT scan date for July 19th. That is more than 4 months past original diagnosis. Surgeon told him last Monday she wanted CT scan done in a week or two, now it's 5 weeks again. How is this acceptable? This is a major hospital in Toronto. Do they not realize they may be killing him? His lymph nodes have had cancer sitting in there for at least a month, probably much longer and they are not scheduling him until mid July? So infuriating. Anyone else experience this in major metropolitan centres?

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@Sisu67 Hello……Waiting is challenging, for all of us…..we do understand…..

There ARE “Steps” you can take, into your hands..

Perhaps: Call your GP….ask them to help “Push” for a faster date for tests etc…..Reach out to the Patient Ombudsman at the hospital your husband attends…..seek their input…..ask for their help, to also “push” things a bit faster. Reach the Nurse Navigator in your husband's medical unit……they may “know” more of the medical side/to waiting…..ask for their help too.

There may still be covid delays/backlog etc…..High staff turnover, due to burnout….calling in sick/being very sick….there are “reasons” you may not know at this point…..

But….please make calls….get the ball rolling! You do have some “control”….

Wishing you and your husband, the very best!


(I too am in Toronto…….and I called WELL in advance , to the booking desk/Large Hospital, for an upcoming test I need……I gave 8 weeks notice; and received an appt soon, thereafter/I am in the system)

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Yes I have experienced this myself and it is very frustrating. I had 3.5 months between my diagnosis and my first chemotherapy treatment. And this was after having been misdiagnosed months prior. I have breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes.

My treatment start date kept getting pushed back and it was extremely frustrating! Some of it was due to the date they could get my scans done etc.

A piece of advice, let your doctor know in advance that you could drive further for any of the testing (CTS, Pet scans etc), if you are able to do so. I ended up driving a couple of hours to another city for a 730 am Pet scan that was not available until weeks later in my own city. The doctor seemed surprised when I told them I would drive anywhere and any time to have this Appt if it meant my wait times were less. They made a note of that in my file. By all means, do whatever is required, be persistent and advocate for your needs.

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