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PSA Level fluctuation from 11 to 8.56
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I went for my blood work since my biopsy. It was PSA level 11, and then 2 months after, it came 8.71. My doctor asked to do it again, and it came 8.56 three weeks ago.

I am going for another blood test tomorrow. Can someone please let me know? Why my PSA has a lot of fluctuation, it was 11 and now 8.56 level.

I don't have any treatment yet. But some spiritual and praying.


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Roy L.
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Hey @Azr, From my knowledge on the subject things like exercise can make a PSA number fluctuate. They dont seem to be big changes but certainly is a valid question.

Not going up is a good thing and hope it stays that way. Do you know what you will be doing for treatment?


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Thank Roy,

I got an update from my Dr.

The PET scan suggested no concerning lymphadenopathy. The noted inguinal lymph nodes appeared to be more reactive in nature. The prostate on the right as in keeping with the primary was suggestive of uptake. Given that he had no metastases on the PET scan, I have indicated that he should consider moving forward with the management of this disease with a radical prostatectomy given his age.


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