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Off the ledge for now....part 2
Roy L.
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So in my case my PCa was metastatic, it spread out of the prostate to form a tumor and also spread to my hip and femur and more recently to rib and shoulder. So when I was told my PSA almost tripled in 3 months I was concerned, ok I was freaked out.

What I was told today was this, The PSA is very important to control so the cancer does not become metastatic. If you are already metastatic like I am, then the number becomes less important because the cancer has already spread. It is still important but now the focus is on my lymph nodes and tumor. According to my CT scan in June, they are stable, not growing or swelling. When the lymph nodes begin to swell and tumor starts to grow again, its time for a changing of the meds. As I am currently chemically castrated, it becomes castrate resistant and that is when the kitchen sink is thrown into the mix.

Clear as mud? The bottom line is she is concerned because as the PSA rises it will cause the growing and swelling. At this point it is status quo. Once I get the x-ray done on Thursday she will call me and we will most likely start radiation once again.

Other than that things are just peachy.

I hope this makes sense to you all and please ask me questions if I have not made things clear. I am still worried about the future, but I guess that is no different than the past 2.5 years.

Less than 3 months till my granddaughter says hello world and that is what I am going to focus on. Yeah and worry a bit as well.



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@Roy L. - My thoughts are with you as you go through all of this….I can only imagine how hard this is for you.

Much love and hugs for you my friend ❤️

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We are here for you @Roy L. Hugs from me, Vinnie,Brighty and Rice. You arent alone.

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@Roy L.

thank you so much for your informative and vulnerable post.
you really are helping so many men and their families with their story; your generosity is so lovely.

ok….so good(ish) news…..if I understand your post? yeah…..glad to see that you are off the ledge.

can I share that I completely understand the worry. even the goodish news often brings more questions than answers. this whole thing is a trip and a half!
we are all in the same storm around here….but we are each in our own boat!
thanks again roy, for your share.

ps - we are all looking forward to some cute baby pics….3 months only - WOW - that pregnancy is going fast. how is she feeling?

enjoy your day

#peacelovecure #prostatecancer #metastaticdisease

Roy L.
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Thank you all, again, for the support. It's hard dealing with the cancer then throwing in the diabetes on top makes for some rough days.

@supersu As I said to my sister for me it's not good or bad, just news. Sometimes that is ok. My daughter is doing very well, she is counting down the days as my son in law looks more nervous every time I see him. She asked me to be at the hospital when she delivers in case he passes out. LOL

Have a great week everyone!!



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Thanks for the clarity @Roy L. Some of us are at or just about at the same situation as you. It’s always nice to hear about others and helps put a different perspective on our own situation.

I too was told that rising PSA wasn’t good. I’m at .99 so that’s a slight drop from my last round of scans. I’m currently castrate sensitive and every three months it’s another worry about what the scans will show.

I'm glad you have a new grand baby enroute as that will help occupy your mind and allow you to focus on something else. I spend a lot of time with my grandkids when I can and it gives me hope to keep fighting. I want to see them grow up for as long as I’m able.

Stay positive and we all hope those new meds will do the trick and keep you inspired to fight the fight!

We are all here for you!

Roy L.
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Hey @Bluenoser13, thanks for the reply and hope your PSA stays under 1. I learned alot yesterday and knowledge is power! I appreciate all the support I receive, I have amazing people in my life.

Keep on keeping on!!



Cynthia Mac
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Roy L.‍ , I’m glad you shared this. When you mentioned your numbers were rising, I, too was concerned, because of what I knew of my Dad’s experience.

His prostate cancer was caught very early, and was removed by surgery. When his numbers started to rise several years later, he had to go back for radiation and ended up in hormone therapy.

I guess this kind of proves (again) that every case of cancer is different, even when it’s the same cancer. I’m just grateful that both you and he are/were on the health care system’s “radar” so they can keep tabs on you!

I know of a man who isn’t going to make it because he won’t go see a doctor about it.

I just saw this now @Roy L. . I appreciate this explanation, along with your reference to the check engine light. I know this information will be helpful to our members and partners in the prostate community.

I will be thinking of you as you get your xray appointment on THursday and then meet with your oncologist after that.

Thank you for your candor always and for willing to help our members with your experience, support and empathy.




Roy L.
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@Cynthia Mac I was one of those people who thought cancer is cancer, its all the same. That was until my dad was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and my eyes were opened. It is such a sneaky so-n-so and effects everyone differently.

Sorry to hear about the fella who won't go to the Dr. My dad was the first to tell others to go but he wouldnt go himself. It wasn't until he could no longer play golf because he felt so awful that he went and got diagnosed. He felt bad for month before, but wouldn't go.


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@Roy L. Hi Roy….thank you for sharing……yup-clear as mud!

Status Quo……that's a keeper!

If your Son In Law Faints during deliver….…..wait until he changes poopy diapers!? Think “aroma”!

Did I make u laugh?

We are all here…..rooting for you!!

Lilly Lilly

Roy L.
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@Whitelilies yes you made me laugh, thank you 🤣

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