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Elevated CA125 after a year
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Hi Everyone,

After 6 years my CA 125 has elevated for the first time after my annual test. The number came back as 87 and the oncologist had me take the test again two weeks later and it came down to 77. He said to do a repeat test every two weeks and the most recent one went back up to 79. I’ve had a complete hysterectomy and finished treatment 4 years ago. When I went in for the test the first time around I was quite sick with a viral infection so not sure if this plays a role in it as it takes a long time for my body to heal from any kind of sickness and infection or if this a sign or recurrence. Does anyone else have a similar experience as me? I’m very worried as I will be going in for a CT scan next week and hoping to connect with anyone that has gone through a similar situation.

Thank you :)
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@Alyk20 Hello and welcome from BC! So glad you connected here with us . We are here, to listen and share our experiences, and support one another.

You already posted - terrific….soon members will chime in with greetings/and more, and respond to your concern, of CA125 levels…..(I am on the colon cancer “path”…..we are getting CEA bloodwork/same concerns with fluctuations of levels…..)

Feel welcome to our community…..


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My Ca125 rose to 58 and CTscan showed swollen left and right iliac lymph nodes. I had been on treatment break for 11 months. Because of the progression I am being scheduled for treatment. I am still waiting for information.

There was a time my ca125 was high but because there was no changes in my lesions as per ctscan, my oncologist said that bloodworks are fluctuating and there was nothing to worry about. Let us hope you will have a clear ctscan.

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