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Fibroids and Ovarian Cancer
Tizzie 2020
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Hi…am trying to find out how common it is for fibroids to develop into ovarian cancer and associated prevention measures.

I was diagnosed with Clear Cell OC in January.  Now recovering from surgery and 6 rounds of chemo.  In my case, I don’t think I had fibroids, or if I did at some point, I wasn’t aware or diagnosed with it. 

Unfortunately, my daughter had unusually heavy bleeding during her period this month and was sent for an ultrasound.  A 3.5cm fibroid was identified.  Her doctor suggested a “wait and monitor” approach, which my daughter was not comfortable with, given what I went through.  She now has an appointment with a gynecologist – a month from now, barring any Covid delays.

I did have genetic testing done, which was negative for BRCA.  I was so relieved at the time, thinking that my daughter wouldn’t have similar issues.   However, we’re all very anxious now. She was looking forward to starting a family soon. 

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Warm welcome to you Tizzie 2020‍ 
I had a fibroid that was diagnosed in 2017. I was told by a few doctors that uterine fibroids never turned into a cancer, but they can cause heavy bleeding, spotting between periods, abdominal pain and so on. ( My symptoms exactly)My fibroid  grew from the size of blueberry to the size of lime for period of three years. So I decided to get rid of my fibroid. And my uterus. It surved me well. I know hysterectomy is not an option for your daughter. Also you may control fibroids wish certain medications. I with your daughter all the best!
Tizzie 2020
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Thank you Yuliya‍ for your kind message and sharing your experience.  
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Tizzie 2020‍ 

Initially my doctor thought I had a fibroid. 12 cm in Dec. I had surgery in Jan to remove but the doctor could not remove as she thought it was endometriosis. Fibroids are very common. But a couple of the people reading my CTs thought maybe the ends of the fibroid looked like cancer. I also had a CA125 test done. Was 300 the first time and 600 the second time. CA125 is a blood test for tumors and I think they number is supposed to be under 30. Now I was also on Lupron monthly injections which are supposed to shrink the Fibroid and I guess help with endometriosis, and Lupron can elevate the CA125 number. Covid interfered with some of my follow up care. By May I was dying and had emergency surgery, by then the tumor (not fibriod) was 28 cm. Perhaps request the CA125 test and get one every couple months. Its an increase to any of these things which can be cause for concern. If you GP doesn't order one you can always pay at life labs. Again fibriods are very common in women and not usually a cause for concern especially so small.
Best wishes.
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Tizzie 2020‍ I am glad to hear you are through your treatment and are in recovery mode. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s health issues but glad she is advocating for herself and things are moving along to get her assessed. 

I can fully understand the anxiety you are experiencing as a mother and the worry you have for your daughter.  I will be keeping you both in my thoughts and hope things go well. 

Tizzie 2020
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Hello - and thanks so much for the info and advice, Boby1511‍ . 
You have been through a lot - wishing you all the best and stay strong.
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