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My Cancer Journey
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In October of 2018 I was having issues with pain and after a CT scan my family doctor advised there was what looked like a cyst on my ovary and there were some other areas that were concerning. She sent me to my gynecologist and he took a month before deciding that he didn't think is was gynecological related and said I should see a gastrointestinal doctor. My family doctor sent the scans to a gastrointestinal doctor and he advised that everything he would have done has been. My family doctor ordered an ultrasound guided biopsy and the results came back as highly suspicious for cancer. I was referred to an oncologist and she was sceptical because my CA 125 was only 36. She wanted new biopsies done. I went for an ultrasound guided biopsy a d my bowel was in the way so it could not be preformed.  She decided to try a laprascopic biopsy but I had too many adhesions from previous surgeries. She gave me the option to wait 8 weeks and do another CT scan or we could do a hysterectomy and an omentectomy. She did not feel the surgery was the best option but I said that was what I wanted. I went in for surgery on the 29th of May and she did the hysterectomy and a partial omentectomy.  She felt everything looked good. The results came back from the biopsies and I was diagnosed with stage III a ovarian cancer. I started chemo treatment in July 2019 and finished in October of 2019. Flash forward to May of 2020 and I was having issues with pain. CT scan showed a spot on the left side. My CA 125went from 9 in January to 60 in May. I went 3 month had another CT scan and had another spot. I was having severe pain  and went for another ct scan. My oncologist decided to go a laparoscopic exploratory. She cleaned up some adhesions (which were most likely causing the pain) and took some biopsies.  The results were low grade serous carcinoma. She has given me the option of going on letrozole to see if that will stop the cells from growing or do surgery to remove the spots, clear up adhesions, go for chemo and then do the letrozole. I am so confused on which option to choose. 
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"Laj my well wishes go out to you , stay strong 💪 your so courageous . Princess Margaret Hospital , TO/ON had an Ovarian area to help patients , they also have an ' online library' of any help .,When I was there for some thing else then , they were campaigning for more research in Ovarion assessment and cancer specific in reproductive organs . I am here to cheer 🎉 u on , to have friends and supports , in this , to not feel alone in this . 💜 Your so brave . 👍 Elle29 
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Welcome and so glad you posted!
What a journey you have had so far.  You have good instincts and intuition - thank goodness you opted for the hysterectomy.

Now you are faced with another decision.  Can an oncologist or other medical professional offer some other advice?  It’s great to be included in our health care, but also important that we have all of the information we need to make an informed decision.

At cancer.ca - they have information specialist - who although can’t give medical advice, could give some information possibly about this cancer type - may help in gathering all of the info?


When I’ve been faced with difficult decisions, i used a pros/cons list - wrote out my options - then all of the info. I have to make the decision.  It may also highlight areas you still need for more info.

Is your family doctor helpful?

Let us know how you make out.  Welcome.  Kim
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laj‍ I’m sorry for all you have been through but so glad you persisted with your doctors. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2019 followed by an ovarian cancer diagnosis just 4 months later. I was diagnosed with stage 1c. I had surgery, followed by chemo and am now on Olaparib (Parp inhibitor) until December 2021. 

Treatment decisions can be difficult. I think having an appointment to discuss pros and cons of each choice and what the projected outcomes of each choice might be very helpful to help you make a decision.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 
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I decided on surgery then the letrozole. I had surgery on January 13th. It was a 7 hr surgery and they removed some cancerous areas and took down a lot of adhesions. When they removed the adhesions from around my bowel they found 3 areas where there were cancer cells. They were too small to take. I have been on letrozole for 2 months now. I am experiencing extreme fatigue and sleep a lot. I have also developed headaches on a daily basis. I hope my body adjusts better to the letrozole. I have a ct scan in May and will find out if the letrozole is working.
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laj‍ it is nice to get an update from you. I am glad your surgery is behind you and I do hope the side effects from the Letrozole lessen over time. I hope you are able to manage the headaches and they are not too debilitating for you.

I will be thinking of you in May when you have your CT scan.
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