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Question regarding suspicious cysts and cancer

Re: Question regarding suspicious cysts and cancer

Posted by KathiR on Sep 25, 2020 10:06 am

Anga‍ , It's wonderful that tristar16‍ has informed you about OVdialogue; a bit prematurely though. The site is for OVC patients and survivors...and of course, we are so hoping your diagnosis is not that.  That being said, there is nothing like being prepared in which case if you want to study up on the disease and learn about support available from a good source, go to ovariancanada.org.  Everything you might need to know is there. Booklets are available to help guide one through an actual diagnosis and first line treatment as well as recurrence. And a series of videos that are very helpful. And, of course, access to our network of peer support, OVdialogue.  You can access the discussions on OVdialogue without registering on the site. Registration only enables you to participate in the conversations. I am actually the national moderator for the english OVdialogue site (code name Fearless on OVdialogue) so feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

In the meantime, very much still hoping this is not the ultimate diagnosis. We're all still anxious to hear the outcome of your laparoscopy and here for you whatever that might be.