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Coping with Ovarian Cancer

Re: Coping with Ovarian Cancer

Posted by MaeF on Feb 20, 2019 4:39 am

Ovarian cancer is a very difficult disease for couples who want to have children. My husband and I went through this. I had surgery, after which both ovaries were removed. Since then, I have not had the opportunity to ever get pregnant. It is very difficult to survive and accept this fact.
A year after the treatment, we decided on international surrogacy. Now we are waiting for our first child, although I understand that this child will not have my genes (we took a donor egg). But I am sure that we will love this baby with all our hearts!

Re: Coping with Ovarian Cancer

Posted by Elsie13 on Mar 16, 2019 6:34 pm

PREVIOUSLY Posted by sundog on Mar 16, 2019 6:14 pm

Hi ...my original diagnosis was Summer 2016, stage 3C ovarian cancer. I had 3 rounds of chemo (9 weeks), followed by surgery and 3 more rounds of chemotherapy. The last chemo was Feb. 8, 2017. In January of this year, my rib and back started hurting. I had fallen on the ice, so thought it was that, but my abdomen right up to my rib cage swelled up.  I finally went to emergency 2 weeks later as it was so painful. The emergency doctor told me my cancer had returned, and I was filled with fluid from cancer cells. He was able to contact my oncologist who drained the fluid the next day. What a relief! I started chemo the next week, and have finished two rounds. The oncologists haven't been very positive as they feel the next recurrence will be much closer in time. At this point we don't know how the chemotherapy is going, except that the fluid has not returned. I'm getting a CT scan this Monday. I may qualify for a trial maintenance drug after the chemo, but if I don't have the genetic component, I will not be able to get it. I also had to cancel my bucket list vacation to the Yukon Territories (I live in Ontario), and then I had to put my beloved 7 year old dog down as he was diagnosed with cancer as well. Sigh. It's not been a great start to my year! I am fig I am fighting back, trying to stay positive in general, and really going easy on myself this time around. I moved to a smaller house in November, nearer to work, just to prepare in case of a recurrence! I'm using all the supports I can (VON nurse, dietician, social worker), accepting the help of many friends, and still working although I've cut my hours. Oh, and I'm still volunteering at the cancer clinic on the "chemotherapy quality improvement" committee and have been made a member of the Patient and Family Advocate Council! I think that's it with my update! 

sundog‍   Thanks for the update.  You must have been devastated when the doctor told you that your cancer had returned.   (I'm trying to switch the discussion into 'Ovarian' but don't really know the best way).  My sister's dog died of cancer a few months ago. So very sad. 
I can't believe that you are working and volunteering  at the clinic too. Please keep us posted on how it goes with the CT scan and everything.