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30 year survivor problems now

30 year survivor problems now

Posted by MoJo64 on Jul 24, 2020 3:00 pm

Does anyone have medical issues 30 years post chemo? Nerve damage? Liver? Kidney? Anemia? Bone marrow calcium deficiency? Teeth/jaw problems? Cognitive memory difficulties?

Re: 30 year survivor problems now

Posted by happyhiker1 on Jul 25, 2020 12:26 pm

Your message caught my attention: I am a Hodgkin's (so not same type as you) survivor (treated 9 yrs ago) and I have just learned that I am borderline 
with osteoporosis... It dawned on me that maybe this was related to my previous cancer and indeed, I found articles stating a link between chemo for lymphomas and osteo!
I was never warned about this and only had a recent bone density scan due to my latest (!) cancer, breast cancer (stage 1, received surgery and radiation, no chemo).
Have you been tested for bone density? Were you warned about possible osteo in your case??  I just find it really unfair that I was not followed up about this.  Apparently the 
chemical agents that are used can lead to the bone density loss.  But who knows what other effects might result down the road...so may explains if you are finding problems.
(I re read some of the lit that says a first cancer makes one more susceptible to a 2nd cancer, which I guess is my case with the Breast Cancer, fortunately caught early).
And my bone density scan was only done since the bc meds lead to more bone loss (yikes!)