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day 3 after first treatment
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I am doing pretty good :) I definitely hit a wall yesterday but I will try to prioritize what I really need and want to do today. I have noticed subtle differences: such as wobbliness, slight nausea, today not wanting food as much but its all manageable. I am a bit worried about how I will feel once I stop the steroid, if I will loose the amount of energy I have had.

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‘pretty good’ sounds good!

as I have read in other posts you will probably see a pattern to the ebb and flow of your side effects as you move along through your treatments.

I do know that when my spouse went thru his lymphoma treatments, the nurses told us to never try to eat his fave foods when he was in treatment or experiencing side effects as the ‘taste’ would be forever altered.

I hope you are thru the worst of it and ‘pretty good’ becomes ‘good’ very soon for you.


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@supersu thank you for that feedback…it makes sense but I only know how to make food i like lol:)

I'm already dreading the next treatment, doesn't get easier I'm thinking. But I will try to take this one day at a time.

Last night I felt so apathetic and flat … not me at all.

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