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This terrible awful condition has little flags along the way. Symptoms usually shrugged off by the medical profession but you have to insist on investigation. 5-7 years is the expected life sentence given to the individual; there is immunotherapy, chemo and radiation; death in the end. It's not pretty - but quality of life could be enhanced before the bitter end. Stand up for yourself…your family…your dignity.


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You are so right. We all have to be big advocates for ourselves, and our family members if they can't. We are the most important person on the medical team and the person who has the most invested in getting answers and a good outcome.

I am so sorry for the loss of your husband.


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Hey @Zuzie. this is an truly terrible disease with a very poor prognosis. I believe it’s only 7% of people live to 5 years. I like what Paul Kraus has to say (longest living survivor) when he says he accepts the diagnosis but will not accept the prognosis. He work a book back in 2005 I believe called surviving mesothelioma a patient guide book. I was diagnosed in April of this year and I’m currently paused from the immunotherapy as I had some more serious side effect ie inflammation of the lungs. looking to create more awareness as is seems to be lacking here in Canada and Alberta.

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