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dads cancer spread to the brain

Hi friends,

My dad finished his chemo and radiation on March 2022 and we had a good result that his cancer is in remission.

Dad went back for a CT scan this week and unfortunately his cancer has spread to his brain. I am so devastated by this news.

Has anyone here experienced this? Please let me know what treatments you did and what helped..

Love Sara

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Depending on the location and spread most lung cancer brain metastasis is treated with radiation. Highly targeted stereotactic ablative (called SABRE) which uses various angles to deliver a carefully calculated dose to a very specific area minimizing damage around the treatment. Gamma Knife uses a single dose using fewer angles with great effectiveness. Whole brain radiation is also used and may have some memory effects but in talking to other patients the impact is minimal - for example a photographer friend forgot how to use some of the sophisticated settings on her camera but was able to relearn them.

Not a doctor but my understanding is that location plays a role in this. There are others on the site that have had more direct experience than I have. @BigPopi looking at you.

There are also some targeted treatments that will cross the blood brain barrier as well that if that mutation is present. And immunotherapy is used to slow the spread down again if the mutations are present. I don't see any mention of genomic testing in your other messages. Has this been done?


Hi , i read your post and wanted to say i Am a brain cancer fighter and survivor , i had 12 weeks of radiation and have had 3 brain surgeriesto remove tumours and map out my rain, i put my trust into doc and they did an amazing job, conventional chemo wont work for my type of cancer but i do have options in pill form , but the best thing to do is go with the flow, embrace those helping you and stay positive no matter what, you are not alone

Stay strong and focus on live and goods vibes and positive thoughts

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, sarahelpingdadfightlungcancer‍ , I’ve been following your posts since you first signed in. I’m sorry to hear that your Dad’s cancer has spread to his brain. My Dad’s, you may recall, metastasized to his liver. I remember well how devastating that news was and my heart goes out to you. This whole picking up and moving forward does have its challenges.

I’d like to be able to tell you that as a result, I can’t offer much help, however a good friend of mine has just received a brain cancer diagnosis. As a result, I can confirm WestCoastSailor‍ ’s comment that a lot will depend upon where in the brain your Dad’s tumours are located.

My Dad qualified for immunotherapy and he responded very well to it, so I hope that your Dad will be able to enter into such a program.
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